Should Kids Start School Later

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Lots of kids want to start school later so they can sleep in. Some parents and teachers think that it would be good for kids to start later in the day because it would be better for their mind, but there are some negative about that. Even though kids want to sleep intal 9:00 am they should start school at 8:00 am because if kids started later they would have to stay longer in school and if they started later they would be more tired.

Kids wants to start school early because the kids think they need extra sleep and because they stay up so late doing homework and sometimes parting or watching TV and or playing video games. You would understand if they want extra sleep because they stay up half the night doing their homework, but you should not complain you want to sleep later because you stayed up all night doing video games (Gardner 1).

Kids don't understand there are consequences if they do want to start later in school. Some consequences they would have to have are they would have to stay later in school. Like if they started school at 9:00 am and they would have to get out at 4:00 pm instead of there usallal time that is at 3:00 pm. They would have to stay another house school. And if some kids have to stay another hour in school it would affect their schedule for sports or like work. Kids are deciding now that they want extra sleep and it good for them to have extra sleep and it's true that it would be good for them to get extra sleep, However kids need to learn Amdahl 2 and if they get extra sleep in the morning it would make them more tired.

Scientist found out that if kids get extra sleep or they take a long nap or something they would get more tired and they would not feel good.( Oversleeping 1) If kids do get extra sleep and they sleep in more there thinking it won't be good for them because they will be to tired because getting more sleep will make them more tired later on. Other would argue with the idea that its is good to sleep in and rest because it good on for your brain and you can rest and like if you are stressed about you can sleep in and the next day you will be all rested and slept in. Kids think they want to sleep in because they stay up all night and they think they will need to sleep in go they can have that rest because they stayed up so late. (How much sleep)

In both sides of the argument there are health risks for both because like if you do not get enough sleep you can have some high blood pressure and or a heart disease. But if you sleep in a lot you could have health risks too like you can have a risk of diabetes or a stroke. Based on the lack of sleep with kids wanting to sleep in there are consequences for it, if you want to sleep in because there are health consequences, there are l school activity consequences. When kids have a need for a lack of sleep they have to decide do they want to have health risks for too much sleep or less sleep and if they want to be in school longer. Kids don't really want to stay in school forever so they should just stick to the main schedule and don't let kids sleep in .

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