Why should School Start at 9 am ?

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In about 40 states or more, schools start around 7 a.m. What if schools started at 9am? Sleep is important to students. Most teenagers stay up all night, so they don't get as much sleep. Getting more sleep can prevent problems and even can give students time to do things in the morning. So why does school start so early? Why should school start at 9 a.m.? Schools should start at 9 a.m. because it causes a lot of problems and it is very important.

Students will have time to do things in the morning If school started at 9am, students could have enough time for the things they say they don't have times for in the morning.The article TIME says that more sleep is beneficial. Some students say they do not eat breakfast because they do not have time in the morning. An article online called bedtimes and wake up times matter to good sleep tells us to 'Go to bed and get up at the same time everyday". Instead of waking up at 5am to shower, why not wake up at 8 a.m. to shower? If school starts at 9 a.m., you could have time to shower. If students wake up around 8, they will have time to get dressed, shower, eat breakfast, and make a lunch. Most students wouldn't be tired around 8am, it'll be easier to do things. When you're tired, you do not do things as well as when you're half asleep. An article called 'no sleepless nights", says there are negative effects on no sleep.Sometimes students and teachers walk out the door forgetting things. If you are more awake, you can remember things before you get out the door. It would be helpful for school to start at 9am. With more sleep you can have time to do things without being tired.

You learn more when you are awake When you're tired, it is hard to pay attention. When you are awake, it is so much easier to learn. Scientists say it is recommended to have about 8.5-9.5 hours of sleep. Teen especially need a lot of sleep since they have so much stress and more. The National Sleep Foundation says 'teens should have 8-10 hours of sleep". If students wake up around 8, they won't be tired and will be able to remember things for their next test. When you are awake, you have more energy. An article says 'The brain does not naturally awaken until about 8 a.m. for teens". It is better to have more energy if you have a P.E class. If students have more energy, they will not be falling asleep in classes. Usually teens do not go to bed until around 10:45 pm. If they go to bed around 10 p.m., they will have at least 8 hours of sleep. If they wake up around 7 a.m.. Lots of students complain about being tired at school. It causes a lot of problems such as sleeping in class, using it as excuses, and being late to the bus. Students will have more time to make it to the bus and not be late. Also since it is later in the morning, it will be brighter to see. With more sleep, students can be more awake to learn.

Many problems are caused by sleep 'Teens that are sleep deprived, are more likely to use drugs, drinking, and smoking," an article online says. More car crashes can happen with no sleep. Also, with no sleep, it can cause sadness. With plenty of sleep, there could be less car crashes, and students doing drugs. Sleep can cause stress and drowsiness. If you have a test or a problem at school, it is best to have sleep, or it will cause more stress on the problem. Stress can make people in bad moods too. When someone is in a bad mood, nobody wants to be around them. People will be less moody in the mornings if they get more sleep. Without sleep you could get medical issues such as asthma. You could also get sleep disorders. Asthma can cause problems if you're in P.E. Getting plenty of sleep is important. Sometimes if you do not sleep for days, you could start seeing things that aren't actually there. Sleep can cause lots of problems, therefore, students should have more sleep because it is important. Sleep Education says 'The most common sleep complaint occurs when you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or do not feel refreshed in the morning".

These reasons are very important to students. Sleep is something that students need more of and teachers too. Having time to eat breakfast is important. With school starting at 9am, students that usually do not eat breakfast will have time. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When students are more awake, it helps the teachers not have to tell them everyday to not fall asleep in class. It's better to have sleep so you do not get in a car crash whether the student is driving, the bus driver, a teacher, or a parent. All of these people need sleep and could get in a car crash from no sleep. If no sleep causes all these problems and issues, why can't school start at 9am? Scientists have been trying to prevent car crashes, Teachers try their best to help students learn, and students get really tired in classes. These problems could all be prevented if school started at 9am. If this does not change soon, these problems might cause more.

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