Theodore Roosevelt: President of the United States

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Some people know me for being a cattle rancher, hunter, and an explorer. But despite my rugged past, I had become the 26th President of the United States, I am Theodore Roosevelt. Also, being known for my excellent hunting skills I was known as “Telescope Teddy”. I had received this nickname because of my thick glasses and tiny telescope “eye”, and also just my skills of catching game, out west in 1902. My family has referred to me as “Teedie” as well, just as being a very sickly child. I have a very powerful personality, (of what people would say), this is what had led me into office. I once had quoted “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far,” I say this because of my forcing of going away from a dishonest financial adviser, I take this saying from a West African proverb. My ancestors come from a Dutch colony in New Amsterdam (New York) in the 1600s. I was born the 27th of October, in New York, I was the second out of four children.

My father is named Theodore Sr. He worked as a businessman, causing our family to have plenty of money. My mother, Martha (Bulloch) Roosevelt was raised as a Southerner on plantation land. As a young boy, I suffered from asthma causing me to not to attend school. This made my parents insisted on a private tutor, and by the age of 18, I was accepted into Harvard. But, despite my breathing problems, I was attracted to many sports. As a young boy, I went on many trips with my family around Europe. These experiences this led me into the journeys becoming an explorer. Just months after graduating from Harvard in 1880, I married the love of my life, Alice Lee Hathaway. But tragically she passed away February 14, 1884, from Bright's disease, leaving me all alone with our four-year-old daughter Alice. I was so devastated with the loss of my wife I have forbidden her name being said in the house, so I nicknamed my daughter Alice “Bamie”. One day on a trip to London, I reunited with my childhood friend Ethel Kermit Carow, later marrying her. Together Ethel and I built a life. We had five children together, Theodore Jr (1887), Kermit (1889), Ethel Carow (1891) Archibald Bulloch (1894), and my youngest son Quentin (1897). My military history consisted of the Civil Rights Service.

Also being appointed being Lieutenant in the Spanish American War by President Mckinley. I created the Rough Riders which is the first Volunteer Cavalry. Before becoming president I wanted to become a Lawyer but dropping out later on. In 1886, I ran for New York's Governor, later winning. During my free time, I enjoy hunting and journaling. Did you know I was the youngest President to enter the office at the age of forty-two? The dates I served was from 1901-1909. Charles W. Fairbanks was my Vice President, Secretary of State; John Hay and Secretary of Treasure, Elihu Root (1905) and Robert Bacon (1909). People have considered me as the first modern President for my technique and skills in the office. I had completed many accomplishments in the Office. The Domestic Policy, which is a square deal domestic program involving the promise to battle the large Industrial combination, and in 1902 it had threatened to restrain trade. This has brought a successful suit in the Spanish American War. I had a Foreign Policy, which means I wanted to bring America out of its isolation and fulfill successful responsible. But sadly it didn't turn out as I expected. I had received the Medal of Honor, which means since for my hard work being a Rough Rider.

The Rough Riders greatest victory formed at the Battle of San Juan Hill. I had helped the coal strike of 1902. The Coal Strike is when the mine workers had threatened to heat supplies at their own homes. I had begun to threatened the miners by the US Army to mine the coals and fire the mines and convinced both the miners and the owners to deal with it. After excelling at a great President I made many expeditions, as in exploring jungles with my wife for nine months. I had perished in my bed on January 2, 1919, at the age of 60. I died by a Pulmonary embolism, which is a blood clot in the lung. I was buried in Oyster Bay, New York. My legacy had brought excitement to the Office, with my strong personality I also brought power. I have many national memorials such as my birthplace in Sycamore Hill, being a mansion I lived in. Wilcox mansion Buffalo, New York, where I took an oath. T has several national parks named after me, and let's not forget I'm on Mount Rushmore. I have made a President, rather than a Political Party, or Congress, which is the center of American Politics. I believe that a President should use only power, or all unless denied for a specific/ political, reason. Now I know, I Theodore Roosevelt, has changed America greatly in many ways as becoming a “modern president”.

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