School Starting Later for Teens Will Help

Starting school later than 9:00 for teens will help them for the future. According to California Academy of Sciences school starting late for teens has improved grades, less falling asleep in class, decreased tardiness and improved academic performances. School starting later has improved students mental health and performance in school and teen driver accidents on the road has decreased and stopped so starting school late has improved many things with teen students. There have also been great improvements in their mental health and they have been better in all academic performances and their health has greatly improved, according to healthline, a health information provider, teens have improved grades, not been tardy and not falling asleep in class.

“ Earlier start times mean these kids are then required to function and learn during their lowest level of alertness in the day. They’re additionally effectively robbed of sleep within the method.” according to this quote, it is totally explained that students are not active early and that is when they are expected to be so it will not be good for their health or academic performance so school has got to start later for them. Benefits of this are like their grades and academic performance will also improve, according to an article titled ‘Should Schools Start Later to Improve Academic Performance?’ written by the california academy of sciences, a research institute and natural history museum in San Francisco, California. “When students do not get enough hours of sleep due to the phase delay and waking up early, it can have a long term impact on students’ health. A National Sleep Foundation poll reported that 28 percent of teenagers have fallen asleep in class at least once due to lack of sleep.

Negative effects of sleep loss include impairments in mood, attention, memory, behavior and executive function”. Teens do not get enough sleep and they want to go to bed later because they do a lot of activities in this age meaning they come home late and sleep late which leads to waking up tired with not much sleep. According to the article, “Studies have shown that middle and high school students with adequate amounts of sleep, 8-10 hours, have better test scores”. Meaning that students need at most 8-10 hours of sleep to focus but the activities done in this age lead to coming home late and sleeping late which leads to waking up late and not being ready for school so school should start later for teens so they will do better. It will decrease things like depression, obesity and car accidents with teenage drivers. “Students with symptoms of sleep disorders are more likely to receive poor grades in classes such as math, reading and writing than peers without symptoms of sleep disorders.

Getting enough sleep might lead to a decreased risk of car accidents, less depression and obesity, the prevention of illnesses like colds and flus that adversely affect academic performance, and generally improved mental ability. Although students can get more sleep by simply going to bed earlier, many need this time to finish homework”. This quote also written by the california academy of sciences explains how less sleep will affect teens and their health. Sleep is very important especially in the teenage and if teens do not get that sleep it will be very very hard for their future and the will not be successful. To wrap it all up, teens should start school later than 9:00 so they will get enough sleep and their health and academic performances remain good and they can do better in school and nothing like depression or obesity will happen to them (california academy of sciences) their grades will improve and overall they will do good for the future (healthline).

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