Teens Children and ADHD Meds

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ADHD is a mental disorder that’s hyperactive, it causes teenagers and children to behave badly. They often don’t pay attention and its hard for them to control their impulses. ADHD drugs should not be used as study drugs. The medications are sometimes used by teens and children to boost their grade. Doctors should be aware of parents seeking medication for their child to be healthy. Sometimes the teens are faking symptoms to get pills for themselves or others. Healthy children are not mature enough to handle the consequences from the drugs side effects. The medication itself is not too much unless it is used in these three types of manners.

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“Teens Children and ADHD Meds”

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ADHD should not be used as a study drug to get ahead in school. In the article, it states that They diagnosed their failings and administered their own medications, and believe that with the help of prescription stimulants they can block out distractions to concentrate on academic performance and become smart and studious on demand. This is not healthy and there are many risks that come with the misuse of this drug that everyone should be aware of. It may cause restlessness, aggression, and increased blood pressure and heart rate, it can also cause you to have a stroke, seizures, heart attack, paranoia, psychosis and stomach problems. Some students decide to stop taking it once their bodies start to appear informed and can create social anxiety, negative health effects, stress, dependency and eating disorders. The report points to a real point to a real problem, but it is also a problem that most children and teens who actually have ADHD are not adequately treated for it, says Mark Wolraich, a pediatrician at Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center. He helped write ADHD treatment guidelines for the American Academy of Pediatrics (USA Today, 2013).

ADHD often times is misused by children and teens. ADHD medicine can enhance concentration for those who are diagnosed but it can cause damage to the ones who don’t have it mentally. The pediatrics academy has informed doctors to be aware of the misuse of ADHD medications. Doctors are to warn teens to not share their medications. The report informs about the misuse of Ritalin, Adderall, and other stimulations. While the phenomenon is increasingly global, the United States consumes between 80 percents and 90 percent of the Ritalin prescribed today, according to Richard Degrandpre, author of Ritalin Nation Rapid-Fire culture and the Transformation of Human Consciousness (American Sociological Association, 2008). Doctors have an ethical obligation to be aware of the rising misuse of ADHD medications. Therefore the Doctors should explain to the patients and the patient’s parents about the consequences and effects the medication can have if it is used improperly after they prescribe it.

U.S. college students today are among the first to be raised in a society where prescription drugs are an everyday commodity socially branded and advertised directly to consumers, not unlike cars and blue jeans. These students are also the products of the most intense competition ever for college admission (American Sociological Association, 2008). Teens are easily able to access drugs. They have no trouble attaining them and using them on a daily basis. As a result, nearly one in four college students nationwide have reported doing so have taken possession of this for personal gain.

In conclusion, the medication to benefit without being diagnosed is not smart. Using ADHD medication to benefit without being diagnosed is not smart. Doctors should always make sure they’re parents are knowledgeable of this information. The outcome from the drugs misuse can impact greatly if ignored.

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