Later Starting Times for School

Everyone hates getting up super early to go to school. As kids get older they move from elementary, to middle, then to high school. As the schools change the times change also. The school begins to start earlier and earlier. In elementary school the average school starts at 8:30, in middle school the average school starts 8:00 and in high school the average school starts at 7:40-8:00. When your younger it is much easier to get up then when your older. Most high schools start at 7:40am which is early in the morning so students have a harder time focusing.

They also tend to miss the earlier classes and make the later classes because they are so tired. So honestly what’s the point of having school start early in the morning if it just has negative effects. If school did start later there be many benefits for students and teachers!! Accordingly by the American Academy of Pediatrics that school should start around 8:30-8:45, so the adolescents can get the opportunity to get 9 to 10 hours of sleep per day for good health. Teens who do not get enough sleep are more likely to: suffer from symptoms of depression not engaged in physical activity engaged in unhealthy risk behaviors such as smoking, drinking, and using drugs overweight perform poorly in school increase tardiness in School drowsiness(drowsy driving which can have an increase into crashes) None of those heath hazards could happen if we got the proper amount of sleep.

In fact many benefits with getting the efficient amount of sleep include; improved alertness, memory, cognitive processing skills, and attention. During puberty teens sleep wake cycle changes so that most teens get there sleep from around 11pm to 7am. Some teens have to wake up around 5-6am each day since they take the bus giving them only 6 hours of sleep when 9 is required. If they are packed with homework, projects or test they might be only getting 5-6 hours of sleep. According to the CDC, almost 70% students report sleeping 7 hours or less on a daily basis. That’s means that only 30% of the people are getting the adequate sleep needed. SCHOOL!

All around April and May all students hear about from the teachers is MAP testing, tests for end of quarter, and big final projects. People just say well then work and study for those then. Well getting the proper amount of sleep helps with your academic performance. It’s proves in studies that people who get the efficient amount of sleep each day excel way more then people who don’t. So if 70% of people are not getting enough sleep each day and school is the reason why.

It’s times should change because school shouldn’t have to affect the sleeping time. In order to fix this problem a bill needs to be passed requiring all schools in the United State to have start times no earlier than 8:25-8:30am. Starting school around 7 o’clock is totally not necessary and needs to be stopped and changed. It is now about time that schools Us change the time to create a more healthy and beneficial sleeping schedule for the adolescents in the Untied States.

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