School Start Time in Canadian Adolescents

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As for teenagers, it is important for them to keep a healthy and balanced diet since they are during the key period of physical development. For adults, they need to have a deep sleeping time for eight hours. However, for teenagers, it is better for them to have a nine- and ten-hours’ sleeping time. Some young adults are keen on playing computer. In addition, there are a lot of school burden. All of these factors will result in the absence of sleeping time.

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“School Start Time in Canadian Adolescents”

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Sleep is a daily must to do, some people sleep for a long time, some people sleep for a short time, the spirit of nature is different, people must have a basic sleep time guarantee every day, but now many middle school students far from meeting this standard, if there is not enough sleep, then it will affect the next day’s study (Gari?©py et al., 2017). Learning, listening efficiency will also be reduced, like this vicious circle, will make a good student gradually become a poor student, which is also a phenomenon that many middle school students have. The purpose of this research-based learning is to make readers understand the relationship between sleep time and learning efficiency from the process, to view learning and sleep scientifically, and to learn to allocate their sleep time reasonably to ensure the quality of learning. People can learn a lot about middle school students’ time arrangement from this research study and learn the methods and key points of making questionnaires to enrich students’ life, improve students’ learning efficiency, and also improve students’ practical ability.

In detail, the sleeping data are from 2013 and 2014 Canada’s schooling children’s healthy action survey. In accordance with HSBC, there are 367 schools’ student between six and ten grade that participate in this survey. In this survey, it assumes the first class is the school time. All of school information is from the school websites or it is directly from school officials to access. Through the survey, the authors found that most of the students now have insufficient sleep time, and only a few of them have reached the normal sleep time. However, it has not been implemented. Nowadays, the pressure of middle school students’ study is really great. Although it has been put forward for a long time to reduce the burden, every school wants to increase the rate of entrance to school and make the students overburdened. The pressure of homework makes students unable to get enough sleep. After comparison, you will find that those who sleep more often have better academic performance.

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