School Start Time and Sleep in Canadian Adolescents

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Teenagers are in an important period of physical development. It is very important to ensure adequate nutrition and good sleep. Adults need eight hours of deep sleep a night, and teenagers need about nine to ten hours of sleep, but the heavy burden of schoolwork or the addiction to play can cause teenagers to not get enough sleep.

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“School Start Time and Sleep in Canadian Adolescents”

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The data on sleep comes from the 2013/14 Canadian school age children’s health behavior survey. The HBSC surveyed 30 117 students in grades 6-10 (1,320 people) from 367 schools across Canada (Gari?©py et al., 2017). The hypothesis is class time as the beginning of the first class in the morning. All school information is obtained through the school’s website or through direct contact with school officials. The research further included variables that might confuse the link between school time and sleep, including teenagers’ grades and family wealth as well as school neighborhood characteristics, rural, latitude and provinces Authors conducted a descriptive analysis of the sample. And then, authors fit the generalized model of university-level random effect. The class time is sleep time, enough sleep and morning fatigue.

Research confirms that changes in creative thinking and problem-solving insight occur during deep sleep. Deep sleep is closely related to memory processing, and the brain must reconstruct the memory before storing it to strengthen creative thinking. If teenagers do not get enough sleep for a long time and do not get enough rest, it can affect your brain’s ability to think creatively and process things. Growth hormone secretion is significantly increased during sleep, and the secretion at peak is 5 ~ 7 times more than that during daytime, while in non-sleep state, growth hormone secretion is less. Growth hormone is a protein secreted by adenohypophysis cells, which can promote the growth of bone and cartilage, thus making the body taller. Therefore, teenagers must get enough sleep if they want to grow well and tall.

Sleep is an important part of recovery, integration and memory consolidation. Morpheus is insufficient, can make immune force and immune force decrease, serious meeting aggravates original disease, more still can induce other diseases even more, wait for disease such as neurasthenia, cold, gastroenteric disease, may cause sleep sex hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, cancer to wait even. Lack of sleep can lead to lower levels of leptin, a hormone that helps break down fat and appetite. Chronic sleep deprivation can also lead to a gradual change in eating habits. Studies have shown that teens who sleep less than eight hours a night eat more high-fat foods and snacks than those who sleep more than eight hours a night. So, getting enough sleep every night is one of the key ways to stay healthy and prevent weight gain. Smooth, ruddy, elastic skin depends on the adequate nutrient supply of subdermal tissue micro vessels. Lack of sleep can cause skin capillary blood stasis and blocked circulation, resulting in insufficient nutrition of skin cells, thus affecting skin metabolism, accelerating skin aging, making skin color appear dark and pale.

As you can see, teenagers lack of sleep for learning as well as the influence of body damage or obvious, so here to remind the teenagers friends, learn to reasonable arrange time, need sleep in the evening is about to go to bed on time, if can appear insomnia, can use hot bubble foot before you go to sleep or drink a cup of milk, can help you sleep.

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