Roman Culture has Impacted

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Roman culture has impacted many individuals. From today’s society and back then drama shows a major aspect of ionic ability. They are given the up-most credit for drama and theatre. Theatre and acting are still different forms of amusement just as it is acknowledged in greek culture. I have learned alot from greek culture, Greek’s created the first Democracy. In order for a law to be passed, the number of votes needed to be majority. Today, in the United States personally use a democracy but it is direct. Prevailing the drama Oedipus, without exception every man goal was to have a better life for themselves. Oedipus wanted it to be known in his society that not only did he have the highest power, but wanted to be observed at as a God. Relating this to many celebrities in today’s society they expect to have this kind of power. Many politicians and celebrities disremember that they are still regular human beings at the end of the day, they just have others rooting for them, but it doesn’t make it right for them to overstep their boundaries.

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“Roman Culture has Impacted”

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When the plague attacks the city of Thebes everybody looked to Oedipus to dilemma the problem. The city knows every person looks up to Oedipus to have a resolution because he is royal which that is also a common trait in America today. When things go wrong in our society we expect the President to make things right. We don’t blame ourselves instead we look up to a higher source and hold them accountable. In today’s world we feel as if it is the government’s power to care for us and to fix any issue within the nation. In Oedipus males are the main decision makers for their society which is still the same in our society. Even though many women have stepped up to the plate and took charge of the political scene, men will always be seen as being more powerful which is their duty. It is seen that woman are suppose to be lady of the house while men is the provider just like Greek culture.

In Greece, women could not participate in plays that were written about them, men had to play the role for them. Grecian life they wanted to find an answer for everything and it was a reason for every action they made. In Oedipus they sent Creon to Delphi because they wanted him to find out why the infestation invaded the city. He wanted to know who execute his father but in reality it was his own fate to wipe out his father and marry his mother. He then left his imagined parents to avoid following that fate. He wanted Creon executed because Oedipus felt as if he was betraying him but then the Chorus persuades Oedipus to let him live. One thing I have learned from this play is that you cannot escape your fate no matter how hard you try, and that is what Oedipus was trying to do, he requested to escape and move far away from his family. Society then had a big importance on the principles behind greek civilization and the country was lead by the people. In today’s society Oedipus compound is a not common logic which is not seen in normal human development.

It is not accustomed for someone to to marry their mother or father then have a child by them. This can all connect back to the modern world, Oedipus could not put his pride to the side, he felt as if he could do and say anything and not a problem with it. Our self-knowledge can sometimes misled by our pride. We may not realize we are doing something wrong if no one speaks up about it. It’s hard to imagine any scream movie without an intense, anticipating tone that works up mood. Greeks are responsible for the birth of drama. It’s not so common in our society that one would have a sexual feeling towards their parents, or wanting to kill their father for a sexual feeling towards their mother but it could happen. Relating to the movie Cyrus, was about a grown boy who was recognized as a mother’s boy was problematic in society’s eyes and many seen him as an displaced person or odd. In Oedipus it is hard for him and his mother to break away from each other. If it was like that now they would be bashed and hated for having such feeling like that for one another.

Just as Oedipus class lowered from royalty to low-class, the plays themselves have become less and less fancier. Nowadays, we watch movies about average, everyday people. Plays are based on historical events. The greeks wanted to make the best out of life and how they should live their life in that society. They stated that if you violate the social standards you will suffer throughout your lifetime. Oedipus is perceived to be a stubborn person, he believed that Tiresias was not telling him the truth and that Creon sent him to lie even though Tiresias proves that he can see the future. Present-day people can also be stubborn, once they have a set feeling on something they are going to stick with how they feel and nothing can change their mind, even if they have a thought of being right or wrong. Oedipus arrogance started showing in this play once he believed that he can become equal to all the other Gods. He was only perishable, and since he saved the city from sphinx he felt as if he was the greatest God. Arrogance is important trait in today’s world mostly towards the trendsetters.

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