How the Tsunami Impacted on Japanese Corporations Worldwide

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Analyse in detail how tsunami gave great impact to Japanese Corporation worldwide. Introduction After August 1945, Nagasaki and Hiroshima were atomic bombed in final stages of World War II, Japan has changed from military expert into technology expert. Japan is one of largest and brightest in producing technologies nowadays. Also, Japan produces various types of product in terms of medical, infrastructure, technology, transportation and etcetera.

Besides, in modern world, people nowadays are after the future that helping them in doing daily works. Then, Japanese Corporation are mostly achieved the wants and needs of the people nowadays by being the largest technology expert in Asia. However, Japan also is one of country that hit often by natural disaster such as earthquake, volcano, and landslide and mostly hit tsunami. The last worst natural disaster for earthquake was Kanto earthquake of 1923, when Tokyo – Yokohama area was devastated and upward of 99,000 people died in earthquake. Moreover, the reason of Japanese name of Tsunami or in English means is “harbor wave” because a village’s fishermen would sail out, and encounter no unusual waves while out at sea fishing, and come back to land to find their village devastated by a huge wave.

Plus, tsunami is give the most great impact to Japan, because tsunami not just giving impact the population of Japan but also it’s destroy the infrastructure of Japan. Boon, Twelve-meter-tall anti-tsunami seawalls were futile in stopping the massive wave that caused most of the damage and casualties.

The cost of the calamity amounts tens of billions of US dollars. The disaster damaged some 190,000 buildings and created an estimated 24-25 million tons of debris. This is showed that after the tsunami. Japan_Tsunami_How.jpg Nevertheless, this tsunami not just impact on losing lives, or swipe away the skyscraper or historic building of Japan, but it’s also cut the profits and make loss in economy aspects. In terms of manpower are obviously that are more losing lives but the loss in term of economic give more great impact to this “Land of the Rising Sun”. The natural disaster that Japan facing also gives collision not just Japan but as well to other countries in terms of technologies and other product that produce by Japan that sells oversea. Worker Deficiency The great impact of Japanese Corporation needs to bear because of tsunami is low at manpower, since, the tsunami not just swipe all the population of Japan but also crumble the infrastructure that have been a long time standing. What’s more, Japan is losing 28,000 people died in earthquake and tsunami that pummeled the country on March 11, 2011. With this happened to Japan, workers are keeps decreasing and also the building and roads are need to repairs after the natural disaster happened. So, Japanese Corporation needs to take drastic movement by taking the foreign worker into the Japan to repairs the broken and collapse building.

Impact that Japanese Corporation has to face is the cause of tsunami, by losing the experts of the Japanese that killed in natural disaster. This will give more impact to Japanese Corporation and once more they cannot rise up just by their own people without getting help from the alliances or United Nation (UN). With help from alliances, Japan has to migrating the expert from alliances countries into the Japan. Since Japan is one of Asia technological expert, they are reviving from the impact of tsunami just in short years because the size of Japan is 377,835 sq km (145,883 sq mi), its occupied by Japan is slightly smaller than state of California. 110574925.jpgTsunami that blows the Japan gives the more the job opportunities but Japan also fronting the lack of manpower. The only way to fulfill the job and need to rebuild the country is only by taking the foreign worker as replacing the local worker. From this foreign worker, Japan need to offered the foreign worker with affordable salary as need to make the economic works as before the blows.

This is because, the salary that given to foreign worker, they are buying the local product as to moving the economic side a little rather than just stay drops. The current of economic need to rise up more than after the blows. Then, the expert in certain field needs to fulfill because the blows of tsunami that sweep away the population of Japan country. Given that tsunami impact to Japan, worker local will be defiance because tsunami swept away most resident in Japan. As for solution to short of manpower, Japan needs to hired the foreign worker, this will be like ‘killing two birds with one stone’ because hired the foreign worker whether for experts field until labor foreigner, they will be much cheaper in terms of salary instead of hiring the local worker and the quality of foreigner worker are more improve and steady rather than local worker.

Besides, the foreign manpower will be stay in Japan in order to completed their tasks, from here, the salary that been given to worker, they will be use for buying the needs for they to stay there. This is where the second birds, the economy come; the foreigner will increase the economy by buying things that produce in Japan. From here, the economy will rise up for stabilize the economy. Financial Difficulties Since harbour wave is one of natural disaster that Japan has to face, the destroyed and crumbled building need to rebuild not just for free. From here, Japan facing another problem and obviously the financial difficulties. Japan hired foreign worker to rebuild their country and need to pay them for the job.

Also, the materials in rebuild the country also need money to do that. Since the tsunami sweep away economy of Japan, Japan needs to rebuild by help of the alliances and Japan itself need to invest, buy, or sell the product within the right cost to make sure the profit can rise their country back to stable economy.

Japan is world’s fourth largest economy after the Europe, United States and China, so its decline would drag down the global economy, as well. Japan also hires temporary workers from nearby South Asian countries, who are now being laid off in droves. To combat recession in the 1990s, the Bank of Japan had lowered interest rates to 0% and bought U.S. Treasuries, keeping the yen low which made exports competitively priced. The low yen caused investors to borrow money in yen at a low interest rate and invest it in higher-paying currencies, such as the dollar. Within this, Japan can rebuild their country with the effort of themselves and its effects to United States by make United States currencies are more expensive rather than Japanese Yen. Japan had faced the worst the most in the history by being bombed at Nagasaki and Hiroshima in a day.

From there, Japan rebuild from nothing to everything today. The world watched with admiration at the Japanese people’s discipline and resilience in coping with the aftermath whether after the nuclear bombed or tsunami struck the Japan. From the disaster, there will be existence of unity of human, Japanese economy looks set to return to pre-disaster levels in the coming months with the help of about $230 billion in rebuilding funds agreed in a rare show of cooperation between the government and the opposition. Foreigner are one of the sources that Japan economy moving because there are out of Japan are investing in the Japan, for example, the tourism of Japan. This been said because the tourism of Japan attracting the foreigner to visit Japan and the currencies of other countries will changed into Yen, by changing the currency also give the Japan profits instead of loss. In addition, the foreigner will be spending the Yen inside the Japan.

This will give the advantages to Japan that is the economic will be moving from the worst and down current to stable and rise up state. Nuclear Disaster and Foreign Investor Although being the country to have suffered the worst effect of nuclear weapons in wartime, with more than 100,000 deaths, Japan using or embraces the once and still using as super weapon that is nuclear weapon into more peaceful of use of nuclear technology. Japan providing substantial portion of its electricity, which is Japan import about 84% of its energy requirement. First nuclear power reactor officially began at Japan is in mid 1966, also the power reactor become national strategic priority since 1973. With this nuclear power reactor, not just Japan can use the unlimited electricity but Japan also can supply to other countries and it’s also become one of sources the financial for Japanese Corporation. Amid the natural disaster happened to Japan like tsunami, nuclear reactor also having impact from that worst natural disaster.

The Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant was completely shut down for 21 months following because of natural disaster in 2007. Plus, it is a nuclear plant with seven units, the largest single nuclear power station in the world. On March 11, 2011 tsunami caused the failure of cooling system at the Power Plant Fukushima 1, on that time, Japan are announced the first time the nuclear emergency to resident and people. More than 140,000 residents are evacuated within 20 km away from the power plant. Foreign Investor is using the Tourism of Japan to attract the foreigner to visit the “Land of the Rising Sun”. However, because of the failure nuclear cooling system, there will hazardous state around Japan and with this are happening to Japan, the foreign investor will be loss too. Obviously, when the leaking of hazard nuclear, the Land of Rising Sun cannot do the campaign for Visit Japan to stabilize the economic, and also, the civilian of Japan also cannot go to over sea because of worried that they are affected by the hazard. Apparently, the tourism will be give loss instead of profit because of the nuclear energy leaking, and the foreign people are cannot enjoy the historic of Japan.

The Japan Prime Minister vowed that under the concept of “open reconstruction,” the worst-hit areas will stimulate new domestic and overseas investment, create jobs, drive the restoration of existing industries and enhance innovation. Such plans imply spending fantastic amounts of money.

Total clean-up of the radioactive zone around the earthquake- and tsunami-affected Fukushima nuclear power plant will cost up to half a trillion dollars and many years of hard work. Furthermore, Japanese Corporation had to handled the leaking hazardous nuclear energy in order to ascend the economic view, for the reason that Japan fasten up the cleaning sequentially to get higher the product and tourism to Japan, so that, foreigner can trust the Japanese product instead of make them thinking they are using despicable material especially to get higher the economic. Conclusion Conclusion of this analyses in detail how tsunami gave great impact to Japanese Corporation worldwide are the Japanese Corporation needs to facing the common natural disaster that hit the Land of the Rising Sun. Given that, they needs to prepared not only security for the population of the Japan, but they also needs have the contingency plans to survive from the natural disaster. In terms of economic, Japan needs to prepared the product that have been sold to other countries and they also must have saving for in case of the impact are more critical than 2011 tsunami and earthquake. Benefit, Japan not just having the alarm whether for tsunami impact but Japan also already built the Twelve-meter-tall anti-tsunami seawalls in order to slowing down or stop the high and fast wave of tsunami. Without it, not only tsunami crashed the resident, but also the main building in Japan, such as the nuclear reactor in Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant, a nuclear plant with seven units, the largest single nuclear power station in the world.

While the fast and high tsunami going straight to Japan, without seawalls, there will be vacant land that tsunami destroy everything. From the habour wave, this will give the Japan great impact to economic, and obviously it will come to dropping down the trends of Japan economic in terms of currencies and also the social life of Japanese people. There also another view that Japanese government needs to see instead of economic, for example, the working labor after the hit of tsunami. Perceptibly, the wave will swept away half or more the population of Japanese, this will affected whether pros and cons to Japan country, this is because, the pros of it the economy will rise more faster by using the foreign worker and the cons is the population and infrastructure of Japan are being destroyed by shock of wave. Plus, the economy is the sources of Japanese improves and rise up until the technology expert nowadays, from the time when the tsunami hits the Japan, it is not only hit Japan country but also hit the economic and social life of Japan.

The economic for sure will dropping hard because of the manufacturer of the Japanese product are less produce and people will short of having the technologies that Japan produce. However, the product that produce after the tsunami will take price of higher than usual because it’s a balance to catching up again the loss that been made since the tsunami. References

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