Roman Empire – One of the Greatest Ever Civilizations in History

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One of the greatest ever civilizations in history is often recognized to be the Roman empire. They where highly skilled society that included a range of categories from war, art, architecture, and philosophy. A civilization that lasted for 1,500 years they had a very huge influence that will shape future civilizations to come. My paper will illustrate the influential impact that ancient Rome had on the world and a legacy that was marked in history of humanity.

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“Roman Empire – One of the Greatest Ever Civilizations in History”

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The rise of the Roman empire began after the dominion of the Etruscans. After the Etruscan society fell, the Romans were quick to take over and build their new vast society around the Etruscan legacy left behind. When Rome finally had control of Italy, they soon turned to their neighboring countries and began to conquer them one by one. When Rome finally conquered all of the ancient Hellenistic world they began their dominion of the world, thus bringing a new era. By this time period the Roman democratic government would fall and brought an era of dictatorship. During the reign of Augustus he brought a new age of artistic influence to ancient Rome.

Many of Roman art and architecture was influenced by other cultures. The Hellenistic style was a huge influence for Roman art. The sculptures were in the Hellenistic Greek style which would resemble the ones created for Alexander the Great. Many Roman sculptures and monuments were created to symbolize legacy that a leader would leave or they would also use them as propaganda. While Roman architecture was being influenced by Etruscan style architecture. Roman architects had the desire to learn and improve the architectural style. Eventually mastering the arch which would later become a major architectural influence for other civilizations and religion. Other spectacles in the arts was Roman theater. Roman citizens believed that public entertainment was a birthright. Much of the Roman plays consisted of comedy and drama although the number on preference was drama. Whithought surprise Roman theater was also highly influenced by Greek culture. Roman playwrights also added personal touches to their plays.

The everyday life of a normal Roman citizen was modest and would revolve around the their family. Being tied to a family was the way you would be identified in social class. Males were the ones who would be the head of the family they were referred as paterfamilias and would be the ones who had control of everything in household. Women who were married had some freedom but where still bound to social roles. The lives of newborn children were uncertain as they had to be accepted by there paterfamilias. If they were not accepted by their paterfamilias they would be given away or put at orphanages. Life in Rome was very enjoyable by Roman males as they had more freedom.

Rome was a beautiful thriving civilization that was vast and powerful. Although it’s thriving culture was influenced by the Greeks. They had a magnificent culture with its architectural advancements and Roman spectacles. Overall Rome had a prosperous period in art, architecture, and philosophy as their society was fascinated by all of it.

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