How the Civil War Impacted the World

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The Civil war impacted the world by creating challenges such as death, racism, and things that did not have a solution because of the lack of supplies that was provided. The things and people such as Abraham Lincoln, Jim Crows, and War Soldiers took a big part in the Civil War Because of their choices and their brave decisions that they have made to get their point across and fight for what they believe is right.

Abraham Lincoln was an American statesman and lawyer who served as the 16th president of the United States from March 1861 until his assassination in April of 1865. When Abraham Lincoln was re-elected to run for president again he convinced the southerners to put their weapons down stopping killing people for good. Before Abraham Lincoln convicted the southerners to pun their weapons down there was 625,000 innocent lives that was taken from the Civil War that took place in 1861-1865. In 1863 Abraham tried to free all slaves because he wanted everybody to be equal but it didn't go through because it didn't apply to the border slave states such as Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri.

The Civil war was a life changing experience that was difficult and challenging for the people like Abraham Lincoln, War soldiers, and Jim crows.Jim Crows was a widely used derogatory term for black and whites to separate from each other. The term Jim Crow was the term that turned down Blacks to have the right to vote on who rule the south and where they live. The signs "black only'" and "whites only" are run by the term Jim crows because they felt like black people and white people didn't have the same value as a human. Also, black and white people could not have any physical contact or any type of communication because whites felt like blacks was not equal to them in any form. Without Jim Crow's term there would have been a lot more racism and a lot more of people getting treated unequally and unfairly than the others.Soldiers that was in the Civil war had a tough time with sickness and supplies that could help them on a day-to-day life spam. War soldiers had a tough time and the Civil War while fighting because if they had risked of getting sick they didn't have the right medication to help them improve if they had gotten sick.

While in the Civil war, War soldiers had little to no food to feed themselves, not enough clothes to keep them safe from getting infected from poor weather that they faced during the civil war. If one of the War soldier's limbs had gotten infected they had to cut it off so they could save the person and have the person live another day. Throughout all of the difficult times that America have gone through such as slavery, War soldiers not having enough supplies to survive during the fight in the civil war. Also war soldiers had the risk of dying from infections, and African American people being turned to vote on their ruler that rule their country.

The civil war was a wakeup call for America to treat people with all the same respect. The civil war has made America better to become equal to one another and treat one another with the respect that everyone deserves. Without the Civil war there would not be respect for one another call and there would not be as much freedom that Africa American people have today.

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