Over Allocated Resources

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Over allocation of resources refers to the process in which resources are assigned excessively. In the field of information technology, the resources include software as well as hardware capacities for example data management, memory, and processing power. However, over allocation can also be defined as resources in which a lot of work or job have been assigned, a good example of such situation is whereby a processor tackles an excessive number of work commands. Information technology experts employ tools as well as strategies like resource leveling to manage or cope up with over allocation challenges, such as working overtime in jobs or irregular piling of resource in networks. A good example of over allocation of resources that require a good care of adjustment is in the process of designing software base. When considering virtualization system, the hardware is divided into virtual elements. Resources such as processing power as well as memory have to be carefully allocated or assigned. Any divergence on either way will place a lot of demands on a single point on the system or give rise to inefficiency in a certain processor. The information technology experts need to pay a lot of attention to a system and look closely to ascertain whether the assignment is accurate as well as effective.

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“Over Allocated Resources”

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Suitable practice approaches utilized to deal with over allocation of resources.

Some of the approaches that can be used to handle over the allocation of resources are as follows:

Allowing changes in the activity relationships.

This is done by adopting the activity`s reasoning, and systematic relationships in such a way that the activities carried out in parallel are also carried out in a systematic manner. This is the direct approach, but it mainly causes the lengthening of the program or plan, usually if the activities concerned are long the serious path.

Increasing activity time to minimize units.

In this approach, you may ask your resource or the system to over working on an activity up to 12hours per day. To minimize the required day to day efforts, increase its duration so that the daily efforts needed will become 8hours daily. In this way, you would have solved your problem. However, the project will become longer.

Exchange one resource for another.

If you do not require a specialist or profession to perform your activities, you can exchange your specialist for another resource. This approach will only be applicable if the second resource has knowledge and skills capable of handling the business. In this manner, the event, as well as the schedule, may be delayed since the resource will require humble duration to achieve full-scale productivity.

My approach to their resolution.

Find an activity with available time.

This approach allows a task to start later in the schedule but if the work can be partitioned equally between the resources, assign another resource to the activity as well as using Microsoft office project, you can assign or distribute work evenly to each resource.

Communicate assignment changes.

Use program changes to log the information about the variations that you might have observed to maximize the resource activity. Employing such notes is very significant when you are following the initial progress, closing the project as well as collecting data for future project


Over allocation of resources is a common phenomenon in many organizations and is faced by many managers. Perhaps, in a real sense, a part-time achievement is needed when the estimate requires a full-time feat. Allocating resources to achieve a realistic plan is the primary function of a project manager.

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