Promote Personal Development in Care

My role is varied with the care of service users at the forefront of my role, I also get involved with the assessing of new service users and assessing their needs for care, social or recreational need, this then gets reported back to the core community teams it is also imperative that we put professional boundaries in place with regard to supporting a service user.

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“Promote Personal Development in Care”

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To effectively complete my role I have to abide by certain standards these standards are set out by governing bodies like the Care Quality Commission (CQC), it is my role to understand the policies and procedures in place around my role, I also have to comply with my mandatory training including refresher courses.

Working effectively with others to me means working as a team. In my core team and being open and honest with service users, when working as a team member we have to remember to listen to everybody else’s opinion and to take on board the knowledge of other team members.

Reflective practice is an important part of our continual improvement of the service we offer by asking ourselves questions of what we could do better, and to identify things that could be improved upon. It is my own belief system that makes me strive to be the best version of myself I can be. This is due to not having the best start to my education life so I have strived to constantly improve myself through my adult working life and the way I work by treating all individuals with respect, equality and Diversity.

I have line management supervision on a regular basis and as part of this we evaluate my knowledge, and if I need to improve on certain things, we also look at my training performance for the month and make sure it is all up to date, I also take positive and negative feedback in regards to my actions for the month, this enables me to reflect on my own understandings of the policy I work to.

When planning my own review and development I will speak to my supervisor when we have annual appraisals this is where all aspects of my role and conduct are reviewed and I can also do this when I have my clinical supervision this is also where I can talk about any development opportunities that I have come across or I am struggling with.

Reflective practise has led to continual development and improved ways of working as this is the best way forward for everyday to receive the best care, as we are all trained in the best of our ability by constantly developing our training.



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