Education is the Fundamental Basis of Personal Development

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I have collected near one-hundred books in the past ten years. Every spine holds a different story, all of which have dared me to grow as an exercise in perseverance. The authors have taught me to empathize with their characters, and given me the offer to understand them. This has done nothing but help me in my various international education environments and my surrounding of people from all over the world.

Reading has also taught me to write, and I feel like a better writer, as I’m constantly surrounding myself with works from people who are better than me. At the age of thirteen, I spent nearly a year writing a fictional novel that has now achieved a high place on my shelf, this is one of my proudest achievements. Later on, I also came to win a national competition of my short story entries with first place in the capital, and third place in Jordan, Middle East.

With empathy comes to action, and that is why in sixth grade I came up with the idea to teach English to first graders in my school, as my term project. I did this after my school lessons, for an hour every week for a month, this experience taught me tolerance. Furthermore, In eighth grade, I chose to do a seven-week internship at a kindergarten near my home in Hellerup.

Here I learned to cooperate with the children and reflect on the environment I grew up in myself. I was born and raised in Denmark, with a combination of Danish, English, and Arabic spoken around me. Therefore, living in countries where each of the languages was the mother tongue, Denmark, Canada, and Jordan, I’ve prospered a greater appreciation for the subtle aspects of culture and society. Throughout my education, I’ve developed creativity, critical thinking skills, and open-mindedness, all of which will be useful in university and for the rest of my life. I aim to pursue a career in law because it is a vital component in the successful integration of people.

I believe that education is the fundamental basis of growth, it is the building block of greater things to come. In seventh grade, I was taught that to change the world, you have to do it by steps. First, you improve yourself, then your community, your country, and lastly the globe. I’m still working on bettering myself, and I hope that that will be with the help of Birkerød Gymnasium.

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