Personal Leadership Development Plan Module Entry

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As I read Module 3, I find that active listening to be the most important concept to me. According to Business Dictionary, active listening is “the act of mindfully hearing and attempting to comprehend the meaning of words spoken by another in a conversation or speech.” The reason I find this concept important is my belief that active listening is an important variance that can be the difference between a boss and a leader. Being able to listen is more than just hearing. You would need to apply your senses and give your undivided attention to those you are having a discussion with. This is a skill that can be learned with consistent practice. If I take the time to learn this skill, I can build a stronger relationship with my airmen and supervisors.

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“Personal Leadership Development Plan Module Entry”

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I will apply this concept by making the conscious decision to listen to others. I will become more understanding and supportive of those around me when we begin a discussion. When it’s time to have serious discussions with my airmen and supervisors, I will free myself from distractions and show a desire to listen. I look back at a conversation I had with my high school career counselor. The first thing she did was remove her watch in front of me and placed it into her desk. To me, that showed that she was freeing herself of distractions and wanted to engage in a conversation about my future. I will become more understanding and supportive and

When I worked for the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS), I was assigned as the “Gatekeeper” at the Drivers License Office. My job was to verify that those coming in had all required documents to obtain their driver’s license and to also check for warrants. After being in this position for 6 months, I learned that I wasn’t giving everyone the opportunity to explain their situation. After a few weeks of customers coming through with the wrong documents, I began to shut them out. I would interrupt them without hearing their explanations and when they get upset, I would just become a passive listener. It’s that kind of listener and attitude is what gives drivers license offices across the country such a bad rap.

I want my subordinates, peers, and supervisors to feel that they are important, respected, and appreciated. This will help to continue build our relationships and build a stronger squadron. Improving this skill would reduce shop/squadron conflicts that would arise from misunderstandings.

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