Many Studies was Carried out on the Poultry Rearing Especially in Rural Areas

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Many studies was carried out on the poultry rearing especially in rural areas. Naqvi and Ibrar(2015) women’s must provide the opportunities to participate in the family affairs and decision making which help in the social development of the country but in our culture female has not given the opportunities to make decision on any issues .She must consult to men and after that she make a decision, and this only happens just because that men mostly work heard and make earning to support family and provide the basic needs of the family. Pakistan is agriculture based economy, in rural areas mostly women’s worked with his men in fields, and make care of his animals, and also involved in the household activities and poultry rearing which contribute the family expenditure.

Saleque and Mustafa(1996) In Bangladesh the BARC program was presented .The model encourage the homeless and poor women . Which play an important role in enhance the income level of the poor women, their income is not much to contribute in their living expenses by the poultry rearing in rural areas.

Singh and Jadoun(2014) The non-technical method poultry rearing in India practice from many years. Poultry production is a good source of healthy food and help in poverty reduction and malnutrition in underdeveloped countries.By the production of poultry rearing empower the women and help to improve their living standard, the poultry rearing and other small scale business encouraged by the government and private organization to increases the decision making and help in the development of rural areas , t he deficiency of technical skills is the main obstacle in the poultry rearing business.

Padhi(2016) Natural kind of chicken’s plays a vital role in the modern countries and the back word countries. The poultry production business on small scale help the healthy nutrition and also a good source of income earning. The selection of best genetically cheeks help in the production of healthy chickens which help in the higher income generation and healthy nutrition’s. Cabezas(2018) If the state provide a native breed of cheeks and also educate the women about the diseases, feeds, vaccination about poultry production ,so it will increase the production , and help to empower the women. Assa(2012)Small scale poultry business as a tool for income generation among farmers. Poultry rearing plays a vital role in poverty reduction ,The right or tight policies ,investment and developmental programs in the poultry production sectors leads to increase the poultry production ,which helps to reduce poverty and enhance the economic and social development of women in rural areas.

Parveen,et al.(2013)Training are very important for women’s to improve the poultry rearing provides the chicken’s production because the women farmers have a complete knowledge about the chicken’s native breeds, best feeds, vaccinations which help in increase in the poultry production .This paper suggest that training must provide to female farmers which help to increase in poultry production business which leads to increase household income.

Copland and Alders(2005)Poultry rearing are the main assets for many peoples whose lies below the poverty line. They provide a healthy foods, and meet the needs of the family, but there are various disease reduce the poultry production .The ACIAR has support the rural poultry from various years. They help to control of Newcastle diseases (ND).This diseases is the obstacle of extension of poultry production.

Mathialagan(2014)Females plays a major role in the agriculture sectors and many other sectors. This paper present the strategy for the female empowerment. The rural women provides the native breeds of chicken for further production of poultry which help to improve the living standard and social and economic development.

Dolbery(2003) There are various number of poor people in the world which is below the poverty line so it is the need of the day to make a tight policies to improve the development in the livestock sector. Poultry production keeps poor people which leads a positive experience in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh the government support the poor families in the poultry business which leads to poverty reduction .The main aim of the paper to reduce poverty in Bangladesh.

Tufail,et al.(2012)The poultry production is a small scale business. The poultry production usually native breeds are kept by the farmers which have a great source of meat and eggs. Some eggs utilize by the farmers by self while the excessive eggs they sold in the market which leads a great contribution in the household expenses.

Sambo(2015) poultry is the main source of underdeveloped countries and mostly women involved in this small scale business various programs has attempted to increases the poultry rearing to reduce poverty .But the main obstacle is various diseases in the production of chickens ,this diseases increases the risk factors.

Farooq, et al.(2000)This paper was carried out by given training to the women farmers for the enhancement of poultry production, training is very important to increase poultry production because of training the main constraint were removed all the farmer are well aware about the vaccinations after training.

Javeed ,et al.(2003)Poultry production in rural areas mostly women kept for meat and eggs for his own family uses .Abbas and zeeshan(2015)Chicken production in backyard has not much increase in the income of household but it contribute to meet the healthy nutritional needs of the family. Upton, Martin(2004)The paper focus to the need for enhancing investment in poultry production which make a great contribution in income generation. Otte, et al.(2012)For world reduction of poverty and for food security, the major steps need at the early stages of development e,g in agriculture sector, investment in animal production ,food security ,nutrition needs etc.

kondombo(2005)Rural poultry production is mostly neglected by the political leaders ,they define that poultry rearing is a low productivity small scale business. Dinka, et al.(2010)The main obstacle in the production of poultry production is different diseases ,chickens have poor health, lack of marketing knowledge .The native breed are replaced by the exotic poultry.

In rural areas poultry rearing is practice from many times which is a good source of food. Women are mostly involved in the back yard poultry production which leads to women empowerment, women empowerment means that given power to women (Naqvi ,et al. 2015). The poultry rearing is a small scale business in rural areas which leads to increase the income level of women, make the women empower, and help in the poverty reduction.

Poultry rearing provides the opportunities to female for empowerment which help in increase in earning and make contribution in family expenses e,g health, education, food needs etc, female plays a major role in the poultry rearing at a home level they are unaware from the new methods of production , to increase the production of chickens(Butt, et al.2010) .Poultry is kept for meat and eggs, the eggs mostly utilize for his own consumption and the excessive amount of eggs they sold in the market which lead in the income generation(Javed ,et al. 2003).

Poultry gives more benefits to household , the native breed is more expensive as compared to the exotic chickens. In the MARDAN bazar the native breed of 2kg chicken sold at a price of 1000 rupees while the exotic chicken of 2kg is sold approximately 300 rupiees, the meat of breed chicken is more healthy as compared to the exotic one, so the native breed of chickens play a vital role of income generation at a household level and contribute the household expenses.

The main obstacle of poultry production is the non-technical method of poultry rearing. The poultry rearing encourage by the government and private organization, it help in the women empowerment, decision making, and also help in development of the country(Singh,et al . 2014).if the government educate the women about the best breeds of chickens and also educate the women about the vaccination, health food, of chickens it help in the enhancement of poultry production and this help in poverty reduction and empowerment of women , if the women are empower and they have her own income then they are able to give her children a good education , good health facilities .

The aim of the study is the how many improvement the rural women get in the poverty reduction with the help of poultry rearing, their contribution in household expenses, their contribution in health and education, and what is the challenges they face in poultry rearing.

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