The Movement from Rural Areas to Urban Territories

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The movement from rural areas to urban territories was to find better living conditions and jobs for other individuals. The United States transformed from a rural to an urban country in 1865 to 1945 because of industrialization. Industrialization had a big impact on the movement. During industrialization factories were in urban areas which cause people to move closers, farmers couldn't compete with wealthy farmers, and mechanization and mass production made it harder for farmers to survive.

The first major impact was big factories beginning coming up in the United States. Factories like John D. Rockefeller oil company, Standard Oil was one of the biggest business empire during the late 1800s. Standard oil control more than half of the entire oil empire. “ In 1904 Rockefeller control 91% of oil production and 85% of final sales in the United States”. With these sales Standard oil split of into 34 companies and rule itself an monopoly. Standard oil wasn't the only company taking over in the 1800s. Andrew Carnegie had the steel industry which help build railroad for transportation. Jay Gould was a railroad developer and hated by people. Henry Bessemer was a steel inventor and created the open hearth-furnace. Rural people wanted to move to get jobs in working in the factories. Factories use this to their advantage. They would work adult and children for 8 hours a day with little to no pay. People saw this as unfair to the workers which started the child labor laws. United States authorized the Fair Labor Standard Act ( FLSA) to insure that children would have a safe environment to work in. This act only helped children and did not increase adult pay or lower working time for them.

“During the last half of the nineteenth century, the expansion of the railroads and development of large-scale farming led to decreased profits and lands for independent family farmers.” Eventually, farmers will start a movement called the populist movement. During the populist movement the interest rate increase therefore farmers would have to pay more money to the government. Farmers corps, goods, plants, and others product would sell for less. This all happen once deflation comes into play during populism. Wealthy farmers had the newest product for plant grow and crops. New machines were being built to help with the farmers production, however poor farmers did not have access to them. Farmers tried to compete with the wealthy, but they didn't have the resources to. Once the dust bowl happen in the 1930s it destroy all farmers crop and land. After the dust bowl farmers did not have a fighting chance.

Machines began to put farmers out of work. Products was beginning to be mass produced. Machines did the easy job that farmers did. New machine wasn't the only thing taking farmers out of work. New technology begin to spread around. The people who live in rural areas had a hard time getting these new technology and didn't have the money for them. Urban areas was much more advance and richer than rural cities. New technology like the automobile, airplanes, and radio was available only in urban areas. The movement from rural to urban was taking a break during the great depression. During the great depression the United States economy fail. People had to live in hooverville because their money was gone and they couldn't pay their mortgage.

“The most widely agreed upon social impact of industrialization is urbanization; urbanization is the increase in the urban area.” It is caused by rural migration, which caused an increase in labor factories. I believe that industrialization is the direct cause for urbanization. Since the vast majority of pre-industrialization social orders were just founded on subsistence, where every nation would deliver what it expected to "endure", and that was for the most part nourishment, which made the greater part of these nations rustic; in view of their own horticulture to make their methods for survival.”This is what we call subsistence agriculture”. Industrialization,h has more goods that were able to be produced and traded, so less agriculture was needed, and more people could work in factories if needed. “Those workers needed houses to live in with their families, shops to buy the goods needed for their well-being and that of their families, etc”.These necessities made extensive towns be made as the quantity of laborers expected to work manufacturing plants continued expanding as industrialization began setting its foundations more profound and more profound inside the social orders it began in.

Alongside urbanization, industrialization caused the family structure to change vigorously. More distant families used to live respectively in a similar spot for ages, however with industrialization, men needed to go work in the processing plants far from home, so their family so their family can survive. In the long run they needed to move where work was accessible for making money to provide for their family. Industrialization also affected people income especially in europe. People who work inside the factories had to have some kind of skills. Workers without any skills won't be able to work inside the factories.

Industrialization caused the enormous urbanization we can even now witness today, it caused the family structure to be changed it had to do with how ladies' place in the general public changed. Industrialization was likewise an impetus for the salary levels, and apparently for the decline in the pay level, and addition to other things, cause the time-space pressure that currently enables exchange to be such an essential piece of the economy. To place it more or less, industrialization had numerous effects in the social orders in which it was presented, albeit a few effects appeared to be negative at first (like the working conditions in the production lines alongside the kid work with every one of the risks engaged with such conditions), it was for the best at last.

Before the industrialization ladies were regularly bound to female obligations, for example, arranging occasions inside the private circle and caring for their homes, However women felt like the could compete with men and become apart of the workforce . “The two people were looked with hardships in regards to compensation because of the focused idea of plants and venture”. Women turned out to be progressively free and included with the general public they occupied, they started to participate in challenges and crusades in which ladies battled for their rights, both inside and outside of the family. The industrialization never again acted like women couldn't compete to men, yet as their opposition. Be that as it may, ladies were not paid so much as men Women workers was very hard to found. During 1911 the Triangle Shirtwaist Company workers was only female. During the years of the factories Triangle Shirtwaist factory burst into flames. The fire killed 149 women, therefore new laws was passed to help protect workers in factories.

Industrialization transformed America by increase its economic growth. With these factories and new technology america became the leading war power in the world. This was all because of the workers from rural areas and the robbers baron who started of the United States back in the 1800s. The Gilded Age had a big impact on the United State from 1865 to 1945. The United States would not have advanced like this thoday without the help of our fellow Americans.

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