Rural Youth Suicide

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Youth suicide in Australia is said to be mostly associated with extreme depression and most of youths who have been victims of this horrible situation are said to have tried it in the first time. According to the research the rates of youths committing suicide have increased due to psychological differences such as mental illness, depression and mental disorders. Also personal and family issues which are stressing to the victim have also been a cause to the suicide cases in Australia. These issues include being raised in a poor family which has limited resources. This makes many youths fill neglected and oppressed by life then take option of suicide in order to avoid experiencing hard times in life. Other issues is sexual and emotional mistreatment of youths due to various circumstances i.e. where the youths interests are not taken care of, they fill humiliated in their hearts due to their emotions being disturbed; cases of raping which makes most of victims have stigma taking direction to suicide.  Where parents have divorced, most of youths are not comfortable with the situation and they would do anything in order to avoid such stigma from their life which has been the case in Australia.

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“Rural Youth Suicide”

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Unemployment and low income s for most youths in Australia has also contributed greatly in the suicidal matters. According to the research the youths without support from their neighbors find it difficult to survive in lives which finally lead them to committing suicide. Diseases such as HIV have also contributed to stigma and low-self esteem for many youths in Australia hence bringing deserters. From the research western cultures have neglected the essence equipping young people with a sense of belonging as well as well being and importance of life for human beings which is believed to have brought complications of social problems and youth suicide in Australia.

Most of youths in Australia have accepted to be associated with negative action due to their notion on the term youth which they believe that has to do with irresponsibility, rebellion, disruption and bad actions. The concept of youth has identified this problem and argues that youths are compared with the older people and there for they are given limited respect than they deserve. They are allowed fewer rights in order to be natured to adulthood (Page et al, 2011). This concept identifies that youths in Australia are paid less wages and salaries than the adults. It also suggests that the youths most of the youths are not employed in rural area in to an average of 40% and they face a hard struggle in order to survive in life. Most of youths in rural areas in Australia have inadequate education and limited access to youth services which are very important in shaping them. They also face a challenge in accessing other services such as social and health.

Political, social, economic and cultural repercussions in rural area have also been included in the social context in which youths and residents grow up leading to lack of anonymity and great possibilities of social isolation. Young residents experience a lot of stigma due to the defying and unfavorable community norms (Sartore at al, 2008). Youths in rural area of Australia are in low measure of the intensity of relationships as compared those in the urban areas who have acquaintances making them to be marginalized being the root cause of incredible stigma resulting to violence and suicide.

The isolation and discrimination of different groups of young people in the community has also been the case contributing to suicide. The groups may be based on gender and lifestyles.

The research on rural youth suicide was contacted through collection of data from the stories of the youths in the rural areas where the main objective was to understand how young people view suicide and their perspectives towards the causes of it. The research was done through interviews where samples were taken out to be answered by youths. The research was also based to know the strategies which youths use to face circumstances which can lead them to committing suicide.

The findings of the research were that most of the youths did not like the lives in their rural places rather they admired life in towns. They also concluded that there are cases of unemployment which stress them greatly to extend of committing suicide (Stark at al, 2011).  However the youths also contributed much on the issue of curbing and reducing the instances of rural suicide which was based on the sources of stress for young people which included relationship breakups of young people ant interpersonal tensions which were very difficult for young people to handle and manage.

However the suggestion which is viable for this case I advice and encouragement from the older people as well as parents. Another remedy from the research was that the young people should first understand their culture, gender and relationships which in order to develop themselves towards making effective choices when they are in stress and depressions (Hodge et al, 2007). They should also be creative and find something to do for a living to reduce the idleness in which their minds would be occupied and not think of committing suicide. Accepting the difference for the young people would bring them to the clear understanding of the social world. The young people also should be open with their intimates and avoid too much confidentiality which could lead them to suicide when they have a problem. This is because when a problem is shared then it becomes solved half way.


In conclusion the research which was done aimed at contributing to remedies of reducing the cases of young people committing suicide in Australia rural areas (Stark et al, 2011). It also aimed to identifying the main reasons towards suicide cases in rural areas as well as assisting them to deal with issues which might lead them to suicide. Young people are very important in the community and should be natured well in order to be the leaders of the future community. To nature young people well, then you have to help them face challenges in life by and eradicate some behaviors from them, for example committing suicide in order to save their future.

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