Pollution Solutions for Georgia

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We are delighted to show our project for your assessment. Palatable Utensils for Repairing Earth, otherwise known as PURE, is working hard to bring pollution solutions to the northernmost part of Georgia. Together, we can reduce Georgia's impact on this catastrophic problem and provide inspiration for others around the globe. Pollution is present everywhere in the environment globally and our community is no exception.

A transient moment (such as using plastic cutlery and eating out of to-go boxes) should not be composed of a substance that is made to last for centuries. It is contaminating our waterways, forests, and open spaces, and making its way into the food web. The sources of pollution are disturbingly diverse, and it appears that there are no signs of it seizing. In fact, it is increasing. According a study shown by United States Environmental Protection Agency, we manufacture more than 258 million tons of waste, roughly half of that is gathered in landfilled waste. Despite well intentioned recovery efforts around the world, only 9 percent have been recycled.
Pollution never goes away, even when the material is biodegradable, and a growing body of evidence is revealing pollution's devastating impact on our health and nature. For better or worse, environmental pollution and food safety are two of the most important factors that contribute to our wellbeing. As stated by National Center for Biotechnology Information, our food has been vitiated by environmental pollutants. When individuals use and discard plastics, most people will not recycle, which adds to the non-degradable garbage mounting in landfills. This is reason alone is why it is paramount for humanity to start formulating plans to build items that are safe for the environment.

The goal of PURE is to reduce pollution before it reaches our environment and our plates. We developed an innovative solution to reduce the flow of pollution by creating and implementing innovative strategies, while filling economical gaps in within our community. We have created edible cutlery to reduce plastic waste. Our product not only helps with the survival of our earth, and even more importantly, the well-being of the people who live on it, but also creates jobs for the community.

We offer a substitute to nondegradable plastic utensils. We have developed a wide range of edible cutlery and crockery. From soup spoons to fondue forks, our cutlery includes utensils of various shapes and sizes. In our crockery section, there are all forms of dishes such as bowls and dishes that are used to hold condiments as well as small serving platters. It is safe to consume and due to the intense heat at which the produce it baked, the probability of microorganisms, especially bacterium, to survive is little to none. It has a long-extended shelf live (24 months from the date of manufacturing), even without traditional preservatives, such as sodium benzoate.

Our ingredients are as simple as they are as cost efficient. It contains: jowar, also called sorghum; rice; and water. We chose to use sorghum flour due to its ability to help individuals with digestive issues and inflammation, celiac disease, diabetes, as well as its ability improve hormone and cardiovascular health, red blood cell development, and boost energy and fuel production. According to USDA, sorghum has high level of calcium, iron, potassium and protein. One serving of sorghum holds around 48 percent of your recommended intake of dietary fibers.

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