Littering Solutions

Do you ever wonder what will happen to our world if pollution ever stops? Pollution keeps making our world dirtier and dirtier every day. This is why we should start teaching people about pollution through clubs in school. Clubs to clean up the environment should be created to teach students that we need to care about the environment, clean up the environment before our world is completely polluted and start a movement that could spread worldwide.

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“Littering Solutions”

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Clubs should be created in schools to clean up the environment because this can start teaching students early that it is important to keep the environment clean and a place that is free from pollution. If students are not taught early that we need to keep the environment clean our world could end up being quite polluted. The students found in schools are the future of the human race and will be making crucial decisions about our environment. The world is in the hands of our children.

Clubs should be created in schools to help the environment because we need to clean up our world before pollution goes too far. There will be a turning point in this world in which the world has gone beyond cleaning up. This would maybe mean the death of the entire human race or even us having to leave earth. We should have clubs to clean up the environment so we can do something about pollution now before it is too late! Once the world has gone too far with pollution there will be no turning back.

Lastly, clubs should be created in schools to help the environment because this could eventually start a movement worldwide. If everyone in our world decided to take a stand on pollution the world could be cleaned up quite quickly. Businesses would stop putting pollutants into the air, we would all find cleaner ways of transportation, and global warming might start to decrease. Not only that, but these clubs would be in schools all around the world, and there might be more organizations that spring up from this movement. Together the entire world can stop pollution.

In conclusion, we should start clubs to clean up the environment not only to clean up the environment but to make our world a better place. If students know how important keeping our world clean is, then we would never have to worry about pollution in the future. 

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