Solutions to Consumers Wasting Food

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Food Waste: Solutions to consumers wasting food: An Annotated Bibliography “Characteristics of Food-Wasting Consumers in the Czech Republic.”  According to the food waste issue, and solution, summarized in this article, the amount of food that managing household consumers waste is due to economic status, age, and education. The study suggests that wealthy consumers and young consumers waste more food, while elderly groups waste much less. Solutions to food waste summarized in this article include creating technical devices to help younger people with food management. Solutions for economically active people include balancing work-life, expanding food delivery services, and creating a healthy work environment that supports food waste prevention. A solution for consumers with higher incomes includes expanding meal plan companies, or ready-to-eat food. These findings are similar to my other sources, which claim that consumers are the cause of food waste.

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“Solutions to Consumers Wasting Food”

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According to a survey held in this article, Fifty-one percent of households in Great Britain are not concerned about food waste, while forty-nine percent are concerned about food waste. This study suggests that most consumers are not aware of the impact food waste has on our environment or farmers. This article provides consumers with solutions to food waste, which saves money as well, such as planning meals one week in advance instead of purchasing mass quantities. Another solution summarized in this article includes splitting the cost of food that needs to be eaten quickly, due to an earlier expiration date. This source supports my other sources by illustrating methods of reducing food waste due to consumers lack of knowledge and presenting results from a conducted survey.

According to this article, working with retailers and manufacturers can help consumers reduce food waste. For example, when a consumer buys produce, their behavior changes when looking at the label of the product. Working with retailers to change labeling, such as expiration dates, can help reduce food waste by assuring the customer that the food is healthy to eat. This article goes into detail on how consumers don’t understand ??best before’ and ??use by’ date marks. Educating consumers on expiration dates can play a huge role in saving food. This study suggests that 25% to 32% of food-waste can decrease by educating consumers on product expiration dates. However, this seems to contradict the information in my other sources by suggesting that food waste is due to retailers, and consumers are the victim.

Unlike most of my other sources, this article suggests changing our eating habits can improve food waste. Rowland suggests avoiding certain foods can improve food waste. The study conducted in this article indicates that animal products require more calories to produce compared to the nutrition they provide when consumed, this is because animals consume more crops. Perhaps most importantly, the article suggests a solution to decreasing food waste is moving away from animal products and following a vegetarian diet. Rowland suggests that moving to a vegetarian diet will put an end to consumer food waste and retail food waste. This seems to contradict the information in my other sources by suggesting a major change in consumers diet to reduce food waste.

According to this article, a digital solution can help reduce consumer food waste. Milner suggests that shoppers are getting bored of traditional grocery shopping because of advancements in technology such as virtual reality, and self-driving cars. Many retailers plan to implement technology in their physical stores because of consumers’ expectations. A solution to food waste is Electronic shelf label, which lowers prices for items with approaching expiration dates. This advancement in technology not only reduces food waste but saves consumers money. Also, technology such as ESL educates consumers by displaying food waste reduction as shoppers purchase items. This source is consistent with suggestions from my other sources but includes a different approach to solving consumers wasting food with the use of technology.

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