Pluses and Minuses of Fracking

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 Back in april of 2010, a very tragic situation happened to the water in a environment. There was an oil spill which covered bodies of water, which became an industrial disaster that began in the Gulf of Mexico which was considered to be the largest marine oil spill. Leading to the sickness and death of many animals. Many strategies were used to try and extract the oil from the water and since oil is very hard to take out it wasn't really working as much. They tried using booms and barriers to try and keep the oil from spreading and trying to clean up the oil from underneath. They also tried burning the oil off the top layer which would cause some explosions.

Another method that is being used is fracking. Fracking is the process of injecting liquid at a high pressure into subterranean rocks, and open existing fissures and extract oil or gas. They are trying to use fracking as a way to take out oil and gas thats polluting the environment. However the way it is being used isn't really the best for the US. But is it really safe? I believe fracking is environmentally unsafe for the US.

As fracking is very dangerous, there are also a few minor benefits from it. The benefits of fracking is that it lowers energy and gas prices, strengthens energy security and lowers air pollution. Since the us production of gas and oil has increased, it caused gas prices to drop. The air pollution lowers and carbon dioxide emissions by displacing coal in electricity generation.  And the lower emissions are certainly good news for our health with large reductions in air pollution dispersed across the country and or our climate. Fracking also increases economic activity, employment, income, and housing prices.

However there are many environmental concerns and negative effects of fracking. When fracking, it also increases the potential for more oil spill, harms soil and vegetation, and may cause earthquakes due to the high pressure. Fracking also causes exposure to toxic chemicals to the environment. Many people that live around the area are breathing in these chemicals 24 hours a day. When breathing in these chemicals it causes many severe problems. Such as respiratory problems, lost of taste, damage and white spots in the brain, impairments in memory, pain throughout the whole body or a variety of places, birth defects for pregnant women, hyperactivity and aggression in children. Another effect maybe death.

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