An Issue of Oil Fracking

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Oil fracking has been a long practice undergoing the resource mining of oil to be purposed for our own benefits. The underlying history that is brought from the beginning of oil fracking relies in polices and the Yom Kippur War. These two aspects in oil fracking will help understand what the contemporary issue's history is from then. To then help better understand the current state of the issue.

Oil fracking polices are an important aspect the contemporary issue for specific business-related reasons during the twentieth century. One example of a company that was around during the twentieth century was the Hawaiian-Texas oil company LTD. This company is a larger forceful company that owns a multitude of oil properties. The company owns sixty different leased oil properties. Totaling six thousand acres. From these properties being leased not enough information was being disclosed to the investors of these oil producing spaces. For example, the policy states their will provide a fifty percent split between the investors and LTD. 50 of the net proceeds from Oil produced, and profits derived from the Company's Operations . Along with them drilling additional wells from the money being profited. The remaining percentage of money that was invested into the company was put towards the continued development of the business. LTD's business and mindset to expand and further develop their production of oil was going well. But investors weren't disclosed were the oil fields were being produced. During this time the company had a total of sixty separate oil leases. One oil well in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma was being drilled about 600ft from the Hartford's producing oil well . This was leading to a conflict with their opposing business due to zoning restrictions not being established.

George P. Mitchell is another example that involves oil fracking policies needing to be developed. George P. Mitchell was a significant oil business man that started in 1943. He was the known as the pioneer for oil fracking During his career in the oil fracking business. He participated in drilling some 10,000 wells, including more than 1,000 wildcats  wells drilled away from known fields . His company, Mitchell Energy & Development, was credited with more than 200 oil and 350 natural gas discoveries . In the 1960s, Mr. Mitchell, looking to diversify, bought 66,000 acres of mostly undeveloped real estate within a 50-mile radius of Houston . In 1974 he created The Woodlands, 27,000-acre forested development 27 miles north of Houston, helped by a $50 million loan  from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Many people were living there. This was another example of zoning restriction related to commercial land usage for the residential usage at the time. Exon Mobil at the time was also involved with this commercial zoning issue with the land. After George P. Mitchell's conflict with exon Mobil. This then later leads into the Right-to-Know Act. This was a legislation the United states wanted to pass to help disclose further activities that are being done. The establishment of this law sets a standard of disclosure for the toxic level exposure to the EPA. In the 1980's, the EPA and Congress agreed not to apply RCRA to oil and gas wastes, overriding objections from some officials at EPA after the agency had documented 62 cases in which oil and gas wastes had caused damage . Leading from this legislation being established was the need for many other categories to be implemented into the legislation. This is so the people can also be aware of the need of the Right-to-Know Act.

During 1974 The Yom Kippur War had begun. Some background that lead to this war included the previous war in 1967 which was called the Six-Day war. This war had three distinctive battlefronts that were all tied together. There was a shared desire to ease Israel and redeem themselves for the defeat they had previously 19 years ago. When they failed to destroy the Jewish state. the Egyptians and Syrians launched their attacks at 1400 hours, 6 October 1973 . This attack was launched on the holiest day of the calendar for the Israeli population. There were to fronts in this war which were. The Southern Front and The Northern Front. The Southern front had the Egyptian Third Army in the south. Additionally, 8,000 assault infantrymen . Their objective was to storm across the canal. With the intent to take control of the eastern side. During the same time. The commando and infantry tank destroyer units were crossing the canal currently. The tanks were approaching the ramps for the preparation of ambushes that could await them from Israel. "By 1600 hours, the crossing was more successful in the northern sector of the Canal than in the southern sector ".  The Egyptians original plan of attack on the canal was to go through and infiltrate at one single point of the canal. Instead they had to divide up the attack into five different axis of infantry paths into the canal. They had limited air assets to help execute this attack in better manner.  The air assets were best believed to be used in the northern front of the attack. The Northern front had mirrored the circumstances of the southern front's attack. Both fronts had built multiple defense positions on their sides. The Syrians had deployed three infantry divisions along the 45-mile front . This included the Syrians third armor division in the north and the Syrians first armored division in the center. The attack was executed in synchronization with the Egyptians. This attack method heavily relied on the penetration of the infantry troops to reach the high ground of the east Jordan river.

The U.S didn't get involved until later when the war coming closer to the end. The United States and the United Nations had begun discussing the probable solutions to this conflict of war. The United States got involved in the behalf of the Israel forces. What was offered to Israel was a full-scale airlift of military equipment, the replenish of their forces, and a stronger offensive front. With this they both retook most of the territories that were previously lost before. The Resolution was in the need for the Israel and other Arab nations to conclude with a peace treaty deal. The United States also began to re-examine its policy in the Middle East when it faced the Arab oil Embargo at the end of the war . The need to settling this Israel-Arab conflict became the top priority for the United States.

The oil Embargo was established by and Arab organization called OPEC. OPEC had set the oil embargo to stop the exportation of oil into the United States. The twelve members of the OPEC organization made that agreement on October 19, 1973. What set the growing attention amongst the members of OPEC was the depleting price of the dollar. The contract that was established between them and the United States was an agreement in oil pricing for the nation. The depleting value of the dollar was hurting them under the nation's revenue. OPEC's last straw was when the United States started to support the Israelis against Egypt in the war. The members of the OPEC organization halted the exportation of oil to the United States. This created an economical problem from the U.S due the war and the outcomes from the war.

Oil fracking has been a long practice to obtain the resource of oil. The high demand for the oil underlies in the motives of business and economical power. LTD had a lot of properties to attract investors into their practice of oil fracking. But they weren't fully disclosing all the oil fracking practices being to the investors. Since of them not doing this disclosure. Further regulations were implemented at the time do have better fracking practices for the business. The Yom Kippur War was motivated by economical around the embargo placed. This intervention the United States made was to help stop a conflict that later led to The United States taking an economic toll from that embargo in place. This understanding of the contemporary issue of oil fracking helps further understand the contemporary issue in our current time.

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