Fracking Energy in Modern World

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Fracking Energy is a much sought-after commodity in today's world. Energy is such a sought-after source that it helped develop the concept of fracking. Fracking has become such a controversial topic despite being a way to obtaining energy. This reason for it being so controversial is because of the method used for getting this energy source. The purpose of fracking is to obtain natural gases and oils. The way fracking works is high water pressure is released into subterranean rock which fractures it, allowing existing oil and natural gases to be released. This seems like a good idea to most at first, but when you look closer it seems to good to be true. Some people in today's world see pros about fracking while some see cons. The questions that needs to be asked are: do the pros outweigh the cons? or do the Cons outweigh the Pros?

One of the most obvious pros to fracking would be for energy purposes. Fracking gives people access to more natural gases then they would have years ago. Another benefit that some people may see in fracking is that it gives way to more jobs for the economy. People need jobs to pay bills and live, so the fact the fracking provides a job, makes some of today's society more intrigued just because of that aspect itself. A pro many people many connect fracking to is cleaner air quality. Coal is one of the fossil fuels that release bad chemicals into the air that is bad for the environment. With fracking, it enables people to use natural gases which reduces the amount of bad chemicals released into the air by fossil fuels. Another pro to fracking is that the price of gases theoretically would be cheaper because of the access to these natural gases using fracking.

With those kind of pro some people may believe the fracking many not be so bad. There are a good number of pros that can appeal to many Americans in today's world, but if there are pros then there must be cons. When thinking about how fracking can affect the world negatively many things many come to mind. A con that may come to many people's mind is how water is being polluted because of this process. There are many chemicals that are in the liquid fracking uses. Many see a concern with using that much chemicals to help obtain gases and oils from the ground. According to, Fracking can contaminate water supplies if it is not done properly, because the fracking fluid injected into rock to enable gas to be released often contains chemicals. Therefore, many people may be concerned about fracking. As stated about, injecting that fluid when fracking into the ground can cause pollution to our drinking water which can be bad for people. The fluid they use when fracturing contains a mixture of many chemicals not known to people. Companies that do fracking don't have to reveal the chemical they are using to frack which concerns many people. People want to know what chemicals they are using but companies don't have to tell them. If a company does not have tell people what chemicals they are using, then does that make it a good idea. A con to fracking that came to my mind is if we have this way of obtaining gases and oils then does that mean scientist won't try as hard to find renewable energy sources anymore?

In today's society, we see a lot of smart cars or fuel-efficient cars. We also see many things powered by solar energy like solar panels. This is because people and scientist wanted to find a renewable energy source and a source that is good for the environment as well. Fracking will greatly reduce the need to find other forms of energy which in turn could be bad for the environment in the future. Not only can water contamination occur, but also water loss can occur at any place that fracking is occurring. Fracking uses a large amount of water to do what it needs to to obtain those gases and oils. This is seen as a probably considering the drought that the United states has been going through. To most, fracking does not seem to be helping the situation. There are many perspectives on how fracking can affect the world. The first perspective ill be discussing is environmental perspective. When it comes to fracking it not only affects the water supply but also the environment to. Water is a big issue when talking about fracking. I stated above some issues that are cause for concern. Now I'm going to talk in more detailed about how big of a concern it is. I stated above about contaminated water. This type of contaminated water is called slick water. According to forbs slick water is, a blend of water and added chemicals to improve viscosity) containing harmful chemicals and contaminating water under the ground or migrating upwards through aquifers. Slick water is very dangerous. Slick water can cause ground water contamination. Fracking can also be dangerous in regards to oil. Fracking has a high chance for oil spills. These potential spills can harm the soil that it is around and in turn harm the vegetation that is near as well. Animal risk is another cause for concern when it comes to using the fracking method to obtain gas from under the ground. When it comes to fracking, if the whole process is not handled carefully then many mistakes can help in regards to animal health. For example, animals can get sick or even die because of poor handling of the fracking process.

According to, an accidental release of fracking fluids into a pasture adjacent to a drilling operation resulted in 17 cow's dead within an hour. On the website it talks about how cows that were pregnant gave still births because of the fluids from fracking that ran off into the pastures and wells that were nearby. This is one example of how mistakes and harmful affects that fracking can have just by not being handled properly. Human health concerns is another big topic to look at when talking about the affects of fracking to near by areas. It has already been stated that near by animal life can be affect by fracking, so it does not come to any shock that people can also be affected health wise. People, especially pregnant mothers can be affect by being close to a fracking site by having their unborn child suffer side affects of fracking. The combination of the water and air quality while fracking going on might be a factor that contributes to the health of a pregnant woman. According to, Mothers who live very close to a fracking well are more likely to give birth to a less healthy child with a low birth weightand low birth weight can lead to poorer health throughout a person's life. Fracking have health affects on people seem to be a big con when considering if fracking is a good decision for the world. With these many cons associated with fracking, it seems fracking may not be the best idea to obtain these natural gases and oils.

From a social perspective it seems that many people that know about fracking are split. Most people are against fracking, while there are some who don't see a problem with. Socially for the most part fracking is not accepted. There are many people who organized protest just talk about how bad fracking is. An example of how fracking is seen as bad socially is from the show The Santa Clarita Diet. In the show there are two kids that are talking about fracking. One kid did not understand why fracking was bad, and the other kid explained why it was. They hatched a plan to mess with the fracking site. This example given is to show how fracking is not accepted socially and how many have a problem with the methods used in fracking. When weighing the pros and cons of fracking the seem to have an even amount. But the cons of fracking seem to be bad to the point that the pros it has do not matter. There are different views on fracking as to why its good or bad. Determining whether it is good or bad is up to the person, but to me fracking seems to be more bad then good. After researching everything that has to do with fracking I came to the conclusion that fracking is not the best way. I feel like time and money should be time in coming up renewable energy then with fracking. There seems to be many issues when it comes to fracking. There are so many negative things associated with fracking that I feel like fracking is not the safest alternative to obtaining natural gases and oils.

From the contamination of water and the potential affects it can have on near by animals and people. I understand the purpose of fracking and the potential good it could have, but I feel this is not the right way to go about it. When I first, read what this essay was going to be about, I had no idea what fracking was. After researching it, I learned a lot about the topic. I developed my on stance on the subject as I read everything regarding fracking. The way fracking works seems very interesting. It does not seem like it's the right thing to do just to obtain energy and oil. The pros that fracking has are good as well. Having cleaner air is an important factor to fracking. Another pro that as presented that is good for fracking is the increase in jobs. No matter how good the pros are in fracking; the chemicals the are no known to the public overshadows the good of fracking. Most people want to informed and safe and with fracking the will not having any of that. Fracking companies not telling people what chemicals are used puts people living near by at risk. When I read about the piece of information above, it helped solidify my position on this topic. I did learn a lot about how fracking works which was very interesting. I had no clue that you can inject fluid to break up rock under the earth to release natural gases from the ground to use. I found intriguing how it works. Fracking I feel has no place in today's world . If there was some way to do fracking without all the negative risk to animals, the environment, the water then I would have no problem with the idea of fracking.

As of today, there is no way to eliminate those risk from the process. I feel like fracking should stop until all the risks of fracking become benign. The risk of fracking are not worth the benefits of natural gases and oils. The conversation of fracking does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Fracking does not seem to be going away either, but being able to look at the pros and cons is very important. Pros and cons are important when considering important things like fracking. I have learned how it is important not to mess with the environment just to obtain an energy be cheaper for us. Society should just focus and using renewable energy sources like the wind, sun, and water to achieve their desired goals. It is does not have any risked attached to any of them which is a big pro to using this kinds of renewable energy. There are different ways then fracking to obtain energy that does not come with all this risk like contamination. Fracking is not a good method from obtaining their energy source. Fracking contains to many risk for it to be beneficial at any capacity. I feel like fracking is to dangerous and it should not be used at all to obtain gases.

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