A Great Impact of Fracking on USA

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Fracking has created a new world for everyone in the U.S. Production of crude oil has increased by far over the years and there is plenty of information about it. People say negative and positive comments about it, but its not likely most of them will be negative from the years of increased technology that has helped the world of fracking. Its known to be the number one leading cause of crude oil starting around the 1990's and will stay there as it has helped the world out anonymously in the past decades. The world now evolves and both realises on fracking as many different things takes oil like: vehicles, tools, roller coasters, as many things as you can think of oil is most likely being used for it.

Fracking has started a newly improved economy in the U.S today. Fracking has been criticized for its multiple consequences that it has since it has started in the late 90's to early 2000's (Oil). It involves multiple steps like shooting a mixture of water and sand under high pressure under rock formations to break up rocks and dirt to get to the oil (Oil). Many people think of fracking as deadly, or unproper to our soil and to our land. As we have had multiple bad tragedies happen throughout the U.S because of fracking. Even though fracking can be bad, up to seventy five percent of the water, or the toxic water comes back up through the fracking hole and is stored in ponds or is taking away to treatment plants so the water can be turned back to normal (Reville).

As fracking can be harmful and very dangerous to our soil and our water, it also has many goods then it does bad. Fracking has turned out to be a big boom as it produces more barrels of oil, it has about a sixty seven percent increase in production then regular drilling did (kilian). Fracking has allowed the U.S to produce way more oil then it ever has in decades of production (Oil). There are multiple doubts about fracking because of its harmful ways to the economy but, it has also improved way more then when it first started in the late 90's. As known, crude oil has came into the world as a new way of production for the United States.

        Starting in the early 2000's, there were just 23,000 fracking wells pumping about if not more then 102,000 barrels of crude oil a day. Now there are over 300,000 fracking wells pumping over 4.3 million barrels a day (Oil). Now that is a big change in the United States. Technology and equipment are getting far more advanced today then they ever were. Crude oil is a unrefined petroleum that sits deep underground until it gets fracked, getting shot into the air from underground from the mass amount of pressure being used (Kilian).

        Fracking has known to be the number one producer of crude oil all over the states for the past twenty years now. It is the new highly recommended way to produce and manufacture multiple gallons of oil. Innovations has made expensive fracking way more efficient in the past years. High oil prices before and after the Great Recession came into high amounts of investment dollars, fueling a big technological revolution (Oil). Crude oil prices have set a new high of $US 56.50 a barrel, after a report showed steep decline in petrol stocks (Shovelan). Oil prices can either go up in price, or it can go down in price. It has always been about the economy on what to raise or lower oil prices to.

Crude oil, is a liquid in the earth with hydrocarbons, organic compounds, and usually very small amounts of metal that sits underneath the earth until us humans get to it. Hydrocarbons are usually the number one component in crude oil, but that's not always the conclusion. Sometimes it could vary from 50 percent all the way up to 90 percent depending on how the crude oil is extracted from the earth. The organic compounds in crude oil like: nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur usually make up to 6-10 percent of the crude oil while metals like copper, vanadium, nickel, or iron, take up no more than 1 percent of the crude oil itself. Crude oil itself today can make our world completely different especially by us fracking it.

        Fracking has many steps and is very difficult for us to do but as technology gets stranger and better, we find ourselves using time more wisely and having helpful hands such as technology get the job done quicker. The combination of fracking and horizontal drilling has had shale gas production has grow up close to almost 20 percent in the mid 2000's, by 2035 it should raise over 50 percent (Reville). Fracking typically consumes about 20,000 to 80,000 gallons of water per well, however, the new methods of fracking use up to over 4 million gallons of water per well (Reville). Even though fracking has been very deadly from the beginning, technology has well improved the ways and has made health hazards at an all time low (Barth).

        Fracking is the new bete noire of conservationists, as they tend to grab or frack the last bit of crude oil from fossil fuels in inaccessible rocks in unsuitable places (Bikram). Fracking is likely to become the new dash for gas as the country is trying to find cheaper replacement of energy for our country (Bikram).  Crude oil and natural gases are the new part of the world as more and more  are found every day, it is used as an everyday key for cars, houses, machinery, etc. According to the IEA (International Energy Agency), the economic extraction of shale gases increased enormous amounts of natural gas from 125 years to 250 years (Reville).

        When fracking first started in the U.S, everyone thought it was going to be a huge bust as many didnt know how it worked or if it was even necessary since we had regular drilling already. It involved huge amounts of water and sand just to break the ground under high amounts of pressure so the oil could blow into the air and could be caught by huge dug up holes surrounded by big tarps or anything that wouldn't let it leak back into the ground. Fracking involves shooting a mixture of mostly water and sand under high pressure against a rock formation until it fractures. The sand fills the fracture, forcing crude oil out of the rock formation (Oil). Fracking "has allowed the United States to increase its oil production faster than at any time in its history (Oil).'' The use of hydraulic fracturing in conjunction with horizontal drilling and micro-seismic imaging has made it possible to extract crude oil from rock formations characterized by low permeability (Kilian).

        Fracking has become the new revolutionary key to surviving more years in this planet. Many people may not like the way it is done or how our water or sources are used, but it is helping our planet way more then it is hurting it. As some families think its toxic or harmful, so many more are making money off of it or just love it. It has became a new huge pice of our technology and it is only getting stronger and stronger everyday it is used. Fracking is all over the world including Saudi Arabia, Canada, the U.S, Iraq, and many more places. Once an idea, became into a mulit billion dollar operation throughout the entire world, so much anger and frustration as well as happiness and kindness. So much hardwork and effort put into something that could help throughout our entire country that could either put this world into debt, or it coudve made it worth billions. Fracking has helped the entire U.S, and has created new technology for ua to find out about.

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