Main Ideas about Fracking Technique

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What is Fracking? Well fracking was a technique designed to recover gas and oil from the shale rock. Fracking began in the 1882 ,this took place in people's backyards which meant they had to come to there homes and combined it with horizontal drilling,all this franking been around for 100 plus years.This also became a new technology for the US to become the largest oil and gas producer.Back then they had to drill until they found oil, if they didn't they would not get paid, the had to drill like 60 feet or maybe even 100 feet just to find oil,if they hit the water system then the hole will get ruin and explode.Fracking is not good for the environment and its gonna damage our water system,but at the same time it's good because it heats and cools our homes.               

        There are some benefits that franking have,it's  more cheaper prices, less air pollution and easily transported by pipes,it also helps our homes stay warm and cool.Fracking can recover oil and natural gas.But there are some environmental concerns is water pollution and increasing of the potential for oil spilling and also it can cause mini earthquakes due to the high pressure used in oil.Wells will have to be in people's backyards and that's where the drilling will have to happen but the problem is that if it hit the water system and they don't know that then it will affect the water.Chemicals will be in the water and the water will be black maybe brown because its gonna have oil and other chemicals that can be flam.                               

 In my opinion i would say no to using fracking because that means it's gonna damage out water system and its also gonna cause mini earthquakes depending on the pressure.Also the animals would be drinking water from lakes,rivers,and the fishes will die due to the chemicals in the water system.But at the same time we should because the oil will be more cheaper prices and there is gonna be less air pollution,and its keeps out homes cool and warm.

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