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The author has been working for the American Cancer Society (ACS) for slightly over two years working first as an Account Manager for Health Systems and most recently transitioning into the role of Senior Account Manager. While the author has only held these two positions, medical records clerk, and clinic patient account representative (CPAR) in his previous work with an Oncology practice; he has also been exposed to numerous and constant changes throughout the organization and industry.

In holding this past position the author has been the recipient of several employee recognition awards, including the prestigious Outstanding Achievement Award within the Midwest Division. The author is also an active member of several Cancer Program Committees within the various health systems, subcommittees, the Milwaukee Regional Cancer Care Network (MRCCN), and also serves on the Southeastern Wisconsin Gilda’s Club Advisory Council; in addition to serving as a member of the Concordia (CUW) MBA Advisory Council; led by Dr. David Borst. These awards, in combination with the author’s participation with several internal and external committees, has helped to showcase the role, in which, the author plays in exemplifying the mission, values, and standards of the American Cancer Society.

School Choice

The importance, and success, of an education is not always measured by the amount of money in a bank account, the size of a home, or the model of car a person owns; but how the education can be applied in any environment. While completing their undergraduate degree, the author was exposed to the multiple opportunities and challenges of a constantly changing business environment. Through the completion of their undergraduate coursework the author was able to gain a precise understanding of the need for competent and responsible administration. Their own work experiences and observations have suggested that some organizations lack the very basic concepts, understanding, and leadership to support a successful business. These observations and work experiences have led the author to believe that education is truly the best investment a person can make.

In making the decision to attend Concordia University the author spent a significant amount of time researching their educational options. After searching other educational institutions throughout the region, state, and community; it was clear to the author that the path they wanted to follow was sitting on a parcel of land in Mequon.

The author’s choice to attend graduate school at Concordia was due to a few reasons, which include; geographical proximity, reputation, and program choices. The MBA curriculum at Concordia is not only a well-respected program, but offers a broad selection of choices for an emphasis that would fit most students’ educational appetite. The ability to attend a respected, accredited university that is close to home is an ideal scenario for a person to continue their educational desire(s).

In conclusion, the author truly believes the MBA program at Concordia offers the best opportunity to excel as a student and business professional; while also providing the opportunity for personal growth as well.


The author is midway through his fourth year of marriage to his lovely wife, Elizabeth, and together they have a 13 month-old son, Aiden; and are expecting child number two in May of 2012. The author and his wife both come from large families; where the author’s mother comes from a family of seven and Elizabeth’s mother comes from a family of fourteen; where she is the oldest. Both the author and his wife laugh, in that, both of their grandparents have been married for over 60 years (married the same year) and both grandmothers’ names are Dorothy; both called “Dot” for short.

Our family continues to grow and with that so does our love for one another and love for life. The author’s family recently took a trip to California for ten days to visit family and friends. This was the first true vacation they had since getting married in Juneau, Alaska in June of 2008.

Aside from his family, the author loves watching the Chicago Bears, which can be difficult living in “Packer Country”, playing golf, and competing in amateur baseball.

The author will end this section with a quote from himself, “Don't think about the past, or try to look to the future, live the present as if every moment is your last and be grateful for what you have experienced, the opportunities that have been set in front of you, and for how you have control of what your future will entail...most important...don't forget to love, especially your family...whether immediate, extended, or broken...take something from each and every experience and make the best of the cards you are dealt!”

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