How are Millennials Shopping Online?

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How are Millennials shopping online this holiday season?


In the US, the competitive nature among retailers to take control of sales is slated to rise as reasonable growth in consumer spending is expected. The millennial population observed to be a main target for companies to be focal point on, as they have a significant spending capability, accounting for a $600 billion figure related to the consumer spending phenomenon as observable in the United States of America. This article reviews a 2018 Accenture Holiday Shopping Survey, modes as well as trends associated with shopping for the period of the holiday season.

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“How are Millennials Shopping Online?”

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12th yearly Accenture Holiday Shopping Surveys

The twelfth yearly Accenture connected forecast that USA shopper disbursal can boost with this year’s sale amount which Millennial Population are going to be the key spenders, influenced by inclusion yet as Social Networking Sites platforms

As per the research firm, the foremost recent Accenture Survey established that Americans can pay on regular basis US$658 on shopping during the holidays, an increase from a mean of US$632 compared to the previous year.

Retailers’ diversity practices with regard to gender; age, ethnicity etc can play an important role in creating a call wherever Millennial Population pay their cash.

Retailers should have a social yet as political responsibility as regards diversity and fifty one percent of Millennial Population is probable to hunt out retailers that show an awareness of this.

In-store ability, product vary, selection within the work, furthermore environmental awareness was additionally found to play a responsibility in Millennial Population’ buying choices.

The survey additionally discovered that nine out of ten set up participants to pay the maximum amount as otherwise quite preceding year. Grown-up Millennial Population decide to pay within the region of $779 for the period of the vacations, with forty nine percent of younger Millennial Population additionally about to expend this season than the preceding year.

Along with company responsibleness and variety, Millennial Population are going to be influenced by Social Networking Sites meant for his or her vacation disbursal.

Modes of shopping for the period of the 2018 holiday season by Millennial Population

Smartphones correspond to Millennial Population closest shopping aids

The prevalence of smartphone and tablet usage amongst Millennial Population has contributed considerably to the rising trend of mobile shopping. Software Company Instart observed that eight percent of customer’s shop directly from mobile devices and almost seventy percent of millennial’s will wait for a period lesser than five seconds for a page to load. Creating a speedy, insightful furthermore well-designed mobile experience is essential to this holiday season furthermore beyond.

Millennial Population make use of social networking and media

Close to fifty percent of Millennial Population surveyed in a study will utilise some Social Networking Sites outlet as element of their shopping strategy. Among this group, nineteen percent will consult Facebook to assist them make decisions concerning gift selections, while fourteen percent will turn to Pinterest and seven percent will head to Twitter. The Millennial Population daily use of Social Networking Sites is driving retailers to involve consumers. For the duration of the holiday season, we can look forward to special offers, notice of promotions and other announcements from the brands.

Millennial Population decide on the Internet for major holiday shopping

Online shopping is in the limelight this season as retail experts forecast it will be at its peak. It is estimated that the average consumer will complete forty four percent of their holiday shopping on the internet, the maximum in view of the fact that the organization commenced about 15 years ago.

Of the ninety percent of shoppers estimates will shop on the internet this season, fifty eight percent will be Millennial Population, representing once more the maximum of some other age group

At the present, it’s very vital for retailers to additionally rethink as well as redesign their digital shopping capabilities moreover methods so they can meet up with customers on their terms and conditions.

Trends in Millennial Shopping related to the Holiday Season

This demographic is switching to technology to complete their shopping. Millennial Population will be involved in a heightened inclination toward shopping on the internet; sixty percent of those surveyed mentioning their plans to shop on their computers plus fifty percent having plans to shop with the aid of a mobile device. This is seven percentage points higher in equally cases than the share of Gen Xers who have plans to make use of the devices. As such, retailers should make certain their online experiences are as speedy and faultless as probable. And at the same time as web site performance is enormously significant, retailers can’t ignore their apps either, as sixty three percent of consumers will abandon an app that involves more than 5 seconds to function leading to lost sales as far as the retailer is concerned.

Millennial Generation is more likely to return gifts than consumers in broad-spectrum. Approximately half of all consumers admit to having exchanged a gift in addition to purchasing an additional item, on the other hand among Millennial Generation above all, this number increases to seventy four percent. On the retailer front, this implies that establishing an easy returns process is almost certainly observed to be a well-built scheme to make a first-rate impression on this demographic. Also, retailers could think about offering the capacity to accommodate the returns of online purchases in stores. Consumers who are occupied in purchase items online moreover purchase them in-store over and over again make supplementary purchases while there, and this benefit could widen to shoppers making returns related to the store as additionally observed.

Loyalty, it is observed and in addition rewards programs are important to them. An huge ninety five percent of Millennial Generation say that they’re additionally loyal to stores where they’re rewards members, what’s more thirty three percent say that they have plans to save US$200 or greater this season by the usage of their rewards. As is observed that the holiday season approaches, retailers possibly will want to think again their rewards programs and make definite they’re as appealing as likely, as further customer loyalty is in particular significant during the holidays when consumers are spending additionally and the competition is more dominant. In addition, gaining loyalty members has benefits yet subsequent to the holidays, as customers will still be signed up when the season has come to an end.


Millennial Generation is planning to start their shopping in advance. Seventy four percent of millennial respondents said that they aim to get started on their holiday shopping prior to otherwise on Black Friday. This proposes that retailers such as Walmart as well as Best Buy that are by now offering Black Friday deals online are on track for accomplishment. On the other hand, companies that are not by now ramping up for the holidays must start on speedily doing so, as a delayed start could imply that the Millennial Generation who do shop these stores’ sales will have by now completed a component of their holiday shopping, resulting in smaller amount sales related to these retailers. 2018 Cyber Monday shopping is anticipated to rise by four percent to thirty one percent, from twenty seven percent the year preceding.

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