Ecommerce and Online Stores

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Since the dawn of the internet, ecommerce has been growing at an extremely face pace since online stores such as Amazon, EBay and Alibaba dominate the global market today. With the emergence of ecommerce, consumers these days have access to infinite number of products and services provided from around the world. Although there are advantages and disadvantages that come with online shopping. The first disadvantage of online shopping is that you will not get what you ordered or wanted. The second disadvantage of online shopping is that items are not always delivered on time or never delivered. The third disadvantage is that online shopping is dangerous due to fraud. The first disadvantage of online shopping is that you will not get what you ordered or wanted. This is because sellers can upload pictures or describe items inaccurately. This can lead to confusion among consumers and lead to problems with returns or refund policy.

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“Ecommerce and Online Stores”

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Although consumers are protected from buying items that are described inaccurately, sellers can often refuse to refund or run away with the money. The second disadvantage of online shopping is that items may not arrive on time or items may get lost during the process. This is because sellers rely on couriers such as Fed Ex, USPS or UPS to deliver the items. Since they rely on these services, items may get lost or be delayed due to weather. This is one of the disadvantages since consumers can get the item immediately at a physical store. Another example of this is when a consumer needs the item in an emergency, the item may not arrive on time due to different factors. It is much more convenient to go pick the item up at a physical store during emergency.

The third disadvantage of online shopping is the most important one since it deals with fraud. Although corporations such as Amazon , EBay and Alibaba are bound by Consumer Protection Laws and are ethical, there are still many other online shopping websites that are shady. Consumers can be at risk of identity theft, credit card theft or fraud when dealing with shady online sellers. Another example of this is that smaller online shopping websites are less secure than the giant ones. This is why smaller stores are at a bigger risk of fraud or theft from computer hackers. All in all, although there are disadvantages of online shopping, as long as the consumers are aware these risks and protect themselves, there are many advantages that online shopping has to offer.

I believe that online shopping is the way to the future and consumers should be aware of the three main disadvantages of online shopping. They should be aware that there may be fraud, items may not arrive on time and that the items they ordered may not be correctly described. Online shopping as allowed consumers access to different markets around the world and I believe that this is better than fearing for the disadvantages. I hope we can all make online shopping a much ore safer experience.

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