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The concept of information technology is changing the field of healthcare with the use of new tools such as devices and software. The transformation has particularly transformed the nurse who is the reason why the healthcare information technology is always known as nursing informatics. The following paper is a discussion of a relation on how a nurse can work on four steps which are knowledge, information, data and wisdom continuum. The paper describes how the gained information can turn it into usable knowledge. The progress of using the useful knowledge to the wisdom in the making decision is also discussed in the paper.

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Nursing informatics is applied in practice to assist in the organization and application of data, knowledge, information, and wisdom. The continuum of information, data, wisdom, and knowledge depicts how nurses use facts in decision making and providing health care (Topaz 2013). The continuum offers an insight in how the nursing informatics contribute in different levels of comprehending, evidence-based practice and decision making.

The content is made up of four ideas which are overlapping. The plans include the data, knowledge, information and wisdom. The component of information is given the structure of data while that of knowledge is attributed from the identification of the relationships and patterns which exist between the different types of information. The aspect of data is a representation of the symbols which speak to the characteristics of events, objects and the environment where they exist particularly when the environment alone cannot possesses little significant (Knudsen 13). The component of wisdom is mainly the use of knowledge to clarify issues which are aligned to human. The concept shows the form of intelligence as the ability to define the skills and information within the components of utilizing, caring and judgment to settle on the decision and attention.

There are different types of transition which a nurse faces time after time, and therefore, it is important for a nurse to have special skills in the management of these forms of development. An example is a transition which is attributed to the immigration, changes in their health and managerial development. The theory of transition has been greatly used in the nursing research, practice and education due to its wide importance and applications.

This transition from the hospital to home is a matter of concern in this context. For example, in the theory of transition, it is proposed that the condition of a few people such as high support from the family will encourage a high level of transition from hospital to homes in adults who are fairly older. Therefore, the field has a specific theory which serves as the factor that holds the different points of data together to produce information that is important. For instance, the level of family support (Topaz 2013). This information is later utilized and integrated with the help of the hypothesis of transition in the building of knowledge concerning a particular phenomenon.

The component of wisdom in the structure is taken care of by the clinicians in the field. An example is the final results, which will be a decision by the support to help the nurses of a home care with evidence which is recognizable to the risk of the patient for the results that are poor (American Nurses Association 2014). At the particular moment of utilization of tool in practice, the nurse will be required to make a rush decision to show a certain knowledge which is presented in each clinical occasion. An example is a clinical practice which is prescribed in every particular state and the universal morals in nursing. In the end, the nurse will make the use of their knowledge to give recommendations and make an outstanding judgment by using the information that is obtained as the tools of decision making and the support that is offered.

An example in the nursing field on the utilization of the data, knowledge, information, and wisdom is a male middle age patient who is fairly obese. The blood test of the patient shows that he is suffering from high cholesterol intolerance and impaired glucose. All these information represents the data of this patients.

There is a discussion of the results of the blood test of the patient between the doctor and the patient, who is invited to return for a visit of follow-up. The second blood test of the patient represents the information which is then taken by the nurse who then refer to the electronic health record of the patient. The addition of this data to the system will represent knowledge (Knudsen 13). The illustration is a flow of information from data to knowledge and knowledge to wisdom. It is also a demonstration of how a nurse can use the continuum in their daily activities and how the informatics a significant role.

The technology is utilized in the support of nursing profession and in the care of patients and changes of immediate development and collection of new services. The dynamics and advancement of the nursing considerations, specialization of therapeutic services and treatment should be incorporated to improve the examination of how to outfit opportunities and handle challenges. This helps in the reduction of damages that emanates from the use of robots during the period of transition. The intention of using the instruments that are advanced is among the main techniques aimed at meeting the expected social insurance crisis (American Nurses Association 2014). The informatics of wellbeing includes the commitment which arises from a few sources such as medical informatics, nursing informatics, dental informatics and clinical informatics.

The accomplishment in the health informatics and biomedical are seen in the provision of care to the progressive treatments that are customized, symptomatic procedures and in the advancement of health management techniques to control conditions which are interminable. They also add to the counteractive action, moving assignment or early intersection to meet the necessities for maturing and freedom. After a while, a few effort have been developed to show the diversity in the interdisciplinary of health informatics. The people who are interested in the health informatics are normally educated and skilled. To join the field one is required to have an extensive knowledge in the field of computer and date science (Topaz 2013). In this context, the health informatics will be analyzed from a state of takeoff to have an extended knowledge in the commitment of a nurse especially in the field of nursing informatics. The application of an analysis of field like Personal Health Records and assistive device such as Electronic health Records, home dwelling, savvy and community care cases are used as tools of data.


The above paper describes the data, knowledge, wisdom and information and how the information obtained from the framework can be used and transformed into usable knowledge. The structure of data, information, wisdom, and knowledge represent interrelated parts of the model. The entered data is utilized in the generation of knowledge and information while the obtained knowledge is integrated to the wisdom to develop an assessment of data that has new elements.

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