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Virginia Henderson is one of the major people known as the legends in the nursing field. She is commonly referred to as the modern and she has earned a first nurse of the 20th century which has become her title. She has made so many contributions, and she is being compared with Florence Nightingale since they are the most prominent people that have a far much reaching effects on the national and international communities of nursing.  Virginia Henderson was after defining the unique focus of the nursing practice.  This essay is to analyze the need theory in nursing and how the theory was developed. The theory of need was developed by Virginia Henderson, and it was consequent from her practice and the education that she has. Her goal was not to develop the nursing theory but rather to come up with a way that will help her to focus on her practice. It is an approach that emphasizes the importance of increasing the patient’s ability to be independent so that their progress after being hospitalized will not be delayed at all. Due to Virginia Henderson focusing on the human needs, it has led to the further development of the theory regarding the needs of each patient and how nursing is in a position to meet all the needs of each patient. The need theory suggests that the nurses should be in a situation where they care for the patient. She addressed the individual, health, the environment, and nursing. The theory focuses on patients who are in need and not a client or a customer. Virginia Henderson has a belief about an occupation that affects human life, then that occupation must outline all its functions since it is regarded as a profession. She first participated in revising the text book about nursing. It was at the revision of the text book when she realized that there is the need to clear the functions of the nurses. Also, she was concerned that many states have no provisions for the nursing license which will help in ensuring that there is a safe and competent care for all the patients that are in the hospital.

The nursing theory

Virginia Henderson claims that the human being is the patient or the individual that requires assistance for them to be healthy or peaceful at their time of death.  This is a theory that is currently being used by various institutions and by many nurses. Virginia Henderson says that the nursing process is an application of the logical approach whereby a person is after coming up with a solution to an individual problem.  The nursing process is made up of assessment, nursing diagnoses, outcome, planning, implementation and the evaluation. The theory of nursing need helps the nurses in coming up with new knowledge about several processes those they get involved in each day in their career. The nurses are in a position where they can organize the principle that they can use in evaluating the patient care and improve the nursing interventions. This theory helps the nurses in the process of making a decision which is rationale and will not have a high impact or any consequences. With the need theory, the nurse is in a position where they can assist the patients and give them the opportunity for expression and taking care of themselves since they are independent.  After the nurses are the rationale for patient care, they are in a position where they can ask more about the theory or the evidence that is in their practice.  The nurses are in the position to help the patient to breathe normally, eat and drink adequately according to the aid of the nursing need theory. In the next five years, I will be far ahead when it comes to the nursing practices that I have learned from the theory of need by Virginia Henderson. It is among the best methods that emphasize on the care for the patients and how they can live a healthy life even after they have been discharged from the hospital. The theory has an impact on both the nurses in the field and the patients. This is because they can learn more about the theory and what it has to their health.  The nursing need theory is one that explains to the nurses all that they need to do for them to take care of all their patients and it should be done appropriately. It is very crucial for the nurses in the era that we are today to see themselves as professional who have all the intellectual bases for the actions and the decisions that they make each day. They are in the position where they can think critically about the decisions that they make since they have the obligation of offloading the doctor’s task. By using the appropriate nursing theories, then they are in the position where they can make and be confident about the decision that they make hence making their personal growth and develop professionally.
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