Nursing: Clara Barton

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Nursing Theory

The nursing theorist I most closely relate to is Clara Barton. Clara Barton was the founder of The American Red Cross in the United States. She began her career as a school teacher and moved on to become a clerk in the United States patent office. Her pursuit to help wounded soldiers through volunteerism started with the Civil War. Clara was determined to bring much needed medical supplies to the wounded and food for those that were hungry. Later she would lead one of the most respected volunteer agencies in the U.S., the American Red Cross.

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“Nursing: Clara Barton”

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I first learned of Clara Barton in my nursing theory course in nursing school. I have always been one to want to help others not for financial gain or status but for the sense of accomplishment in helping. In my current clinical practice I take care of patients in the Burn ICU. After patients are discharged I continue to support them through a variety of ways. I am part of the peer support group, I participate in outreach programs in the community providing burn prevention and I also teach burn education to first responders, healthcare providers and soldiers.

Clara Barton has influenced my beliefs and values by inspiring me to continue volunteer work within my community. My devotion to these individuals resonates what Clara did for her country.

Excellent Nursing Practice

Clara’s work consisted of tirelessly ensuring that soldiers received the care and supplies they needed to survive. Nurse’s in todays society strive to give the highest quality care based on individual patient needs. We ensure basic needs are provided as well as emotional support not only to the patient but families as well. Dedication, devotion, long hours, and community outreach echoes Clara’s dedication to the fallen soldiers.

As a leader, Clara Barton paved the way for future nurses to start innovative programs to continue to support patients after being discharged from the hospital. In my institution we aim to make community outreach and prevention at the forefront of our mission. Formal and informal leaders alike are continually launching new programs through volunteerism to support the community.

Professional Practice Nursing Theory

As aforementioned, the theory of Clara Barton providing support as a volunteer has greatly impacted my professional practice. I have taken the principles and carried them forward through my leadership. Providing information and resources to staff to continue patient care not at the bedside but rather in the community. Inspiring others to want to serve those in need and provide services free of charge. As a nurse I feel I have an ethical duty to assure needs are met to all populations lacking resources, funding and supplies that are needed to endure.

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