Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

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Bombs burst over the City of Peace leaving the one and only structure near the hypocenter standing. During the explosion, 70,000 people died directly, while another 70,000 suffered from the radiation. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is located in one of the two cities to be bombed in WWII. The bomb's target was the Aioi Bridge; however, it detonated exactly over the Shima Hospital, which was within a five-minute distance of the Peace Memorial, but it was too late, and the bomb exploded, which left faces coated with dirt and debris. Many buildings in Hiroshima were destroyed and damaged.

The only structure that was not destroyed after the bombing was the Hiroshima Peace Memorial or Genbaku Dome. Everyone inside the dome immediately died. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park was settled around the dome from 1950 to 1964. Some other monuments and museums the park has to offer are the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, the Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall, the Memorial Cenotaph, the Peace Flame, and Peace Bells.

The Memorial Cenotaph, the Peace Flame, and Peace Bells are all monuments promoting peace and the end of using nuclear weapons. The Memorial Cenotaph gives all the names of people who died from the atomic bomb. The cenotaph's arch depicts a shelter for the souls of all victims. Hiroshima's Peace Flame has one more symbolic role, which is staying illuminated until the planet has been rid of nuclear weapons. In addition, the three Peace Bells located in the park also have some symbolic roles. The most familiar bell is located nearby the Children's Peace Monument. The bell is open for ringing for those who visit. It was built on September 20, 1964, and was designed by Masahiko Katori. Its smallest bell is reserved for the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony.

Two ceremonies that commemorate those who passed away in what was what many believed to be an unfortunate event. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony is when people pray for the victims of the atomic bombing. It takes place on August 6, sometimes called A-Bomb Day. At 8:00, the ceremony starts in front of the Memorial Cenotaph, and there is one minute of silence at 8:15 to observe the victims of the bombing. The Lantern Ceremony is held on the evening of the same day and is to dispatch lanterns with the victims' spirits and messages. Lanterns from the Lantern Ceremony are sent off on the Motoyasu River. Likewise, on December 7, Americans throw flower garlands into Pearl Harbor. The Japanese and Americans hope nuclear weapons will never be used again.

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is a important park for the Japanese. Its numerous monuments promote not using nuclear weapons. Ceremonies held there are dedicated to the victims of the atomic bombing. Many hope bombs will never be used in the way they did when bombing the City of Peace.

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