Netflix Vs Hulu Showdown

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In today's society, technology offers so many great entertainments thats available for anyone to use. Also its for a great purpose of watching movies and television shows. It’s easy to cut your cable service and go months without it. However, it’s hard to decide which streaming service is right for you, especially when it comes to Netflix and Hulu. Along with the online streaming options thats available today, Hulu and Netflix are two of the most popular apps, but the focus of their content library options is very different. These two online streaming are similar in their own way. Although I am a fan of Hulu, Netflix comes out on top.

Along with the great two online streaming apps. Hulu and Netflix became the two most useful apps for entertainment, especially when you live in the twenty first century where technology is the most common idol all over the world. Not only their the most used apps now a days, but they also offer an amazing low rate price which is the other thing that people definitely need. Hulu and Netflix has different plans, where you could pick from. The plans includes the price and subscriptions for particular movies and tv shows. Also all of the plans are under fifteen dollars which is another great thing about it. In addition, I personally think that Hulu and Netflix comes in handy when you have families and friends over. Instead of wasting money going out to the movies or renting a DVD from the store, you can stay home and watch multiple movies or tv shows at home. 

The thing that's great about Hulu and Netflix is that they don’t have due dates to when paying the monthly bill, your more likely going to pay when you have the money. Not like the cable service, where you have to pay on a certain day or else your cable service will be cut until you’ve made the payment. Moreover, Netflix offers a great selection of movies and tv shows from old to new. And it’s separated into different categories which I think it's so helpful and easier to find. However, Hulu offers the same thing but the movies and tv shows are mostly scattered all over the place. The good thing about Hulu is it includes the cable or the network and also the movie that best fits in that category. Therefore, Hulu and Netflix is highly recommended if your interested in watching movies or television shows.

Netflix offers the widest selection of old to new movies and as well as television shows. Furthermore, netflix includes genres such as romance,horror,comedies, and sometimes netflix original films. In netflix, you could download your favorite movies or tv shows on the app. For this matter, it is only used for when your traveling to a place that does not provide good service. It's useful for road trips and you can watch it anywhere without connecting to wifi or your cell phone data, as long as you have already downloaded it onto the app and to your phone. It comes into different plans that has a monthly subscription and it's good throughout the year. Also the first month is free and you can cancel anytime if you feel the need to. Netflix online streaming companies is ad free which is great features for entertainment. And the pricing range is amazing that provides its consumer of three payment plan with no due date, and you could pay it whenever; however, if you don't pay it monthly than it wont let you access to any movies and tv shows. The first plan includes unlimited movies and tv shows for only $7.99 per month.

This plan is good for college students. Next, netflix offers a great standard $8.99 plan that includes HD (high definition) viewing for different movies and tv shows. This plan is good for newly wed couples and for those who wants to share the payment for one account. Besides the basic and standard plan, netflix offers a premium plan that's best if you have a family. It includes everything from other plans and has up to six sharing screens per person in the family. Also its only $10.99 per month and has great ideal options. It's a good plan if you have kids or teenagers, because it’ll notify you if your kids and teenagers are trying to watch a movie that their not suppose to watch. The good thing about netflix is there are no ad or commercial interruptions when watching movies and tv shows. Netflix came up with a better interruption system which is trailers. The trailers are mini previews before watching a movie or tv show that your interested in watching. Personally, I’m grateful for the trailers because it gives you a glimpse of what movie or show that you're going to watch. In other words, netflix offers great selection of movies, television shows, plans, payments, and etc.

Furthermore, Hulu can stream the best TV including exclusive series, Hulu originals, and so much more. Also its commercial free and Hulu partnered with several locals and cables. For example, 21st century FOX, NBC Universal, CBS Corp, and etc. This opportunity made Hulu popular for people to cut their television provider and join Hulu because different cables are on Hulu for a cheap monthly price. Along with Hulu’s great prices, Hulu subscription only offers two different plans. The first plan includes limited commercials with movies and tv shows; however, its without the locals, cables and its only $7.99 per month. This plan is good for teens and young adults. The second plan that Hulu offers is $11.99 per month, no commercials and includes all the locals and cables. Families and Seniors use this plan because it holds an interest of different entertainment with the reality and the new to the old.

These plans are good throughout the year and has no due date. Your more likely to pay whenever but, in order to continuing watching movies and tv shows, you would have to pay it so that you could further catching up on with whatever you are watching. Hulu has good service for when traveling and as well as the strong service for cable signals that can be used anywhere and anytime. Although, you are paying the monthly fee for entertainment on Hulu. The biggest downfall is the advertisements and commercials that will not allow you to skip through it. On the bright side, they offer a plan that includes everything, where there will be no advertisement or commercials interrupting you from watching your movies or television shows. Personally, I hate commercials and advertisements. I know it only takes up two to three minutes, but it always interrupts you and won’t allow you to further watching until the ad or commercial is done. Also know one wants an ad or commercial interrupting when it gets to the good part of the movie or show.

Consequently, Netflix and Hulu are two similar apps that offers movies and television shows, but their content library are very different. Although, Hulu has a better viewing of movies and tv shows because it partnered up with locals and cables. Netflix still update the library content with a thousand of new to old movies and tv shows. I personally think that if your into watching updated shows and movies, then Netflix is highly recommended for that matter. If you like to watch streaming live television, a year old movies or tv shows, then Hulu is where you should be able to find those. As much as I love Hulu, I’m a Netflix person. Netflix is there with amazing great options of different movie and tv shows. Also I just enjoy watching Netflix because it definitely includes all my favorite shows and movies. I still am watching Netflix up until this day and it’s a hundred out of hundred recommend. I will be forever grateful for the person who created Netflix and it’s existence.

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