Dominance of Netflix Among Online Streaming Services

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Over the past few years, Netflix has been keeping its tendency to dominate the online streaming service market. The number of Netflix subscribers has been dramatically increased with its growing number of licensed and original content. As more and more people joining the league, we all have to ask the question “is it worth subscribing to Netflix?”. For most people who love to watch TV shows and movies, and have time to do so, the answer is definitely a “Yes.” Netflix is the perfect choice for them because of its giant catalog of contents, its useful features that keep it comfortable and convenient to use and its affordable prices.

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“Dominance of Netflix Among Online Streaming Services”

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With how advanced and sophisticated the film production has become nowadays, more and more people like to spend their free times staying at home watching a TV show or a movie. Netflix provides a service for people to do so. The vast library of TV shows and movies Netflix has is the main reason why people subscribe to it. There are thousands of shows inside Netflix waiting for people to watch. Netflix’s TV shows widely range from comedian, drama, sci-fi to horror, documentary, and anime. Unlike HBO who mainly focus on dramas and comedian, Netflix offers a large variety of options for almost anyone. Also, Netflix has shifted away from streaming licensed contents to making its original shows and movies in the past few years. It has produced some critically acclaimed shows such as House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black and Narcos. The success of its original contents has captivated a considerable amount of fan to pay to watch them. Netflix has decided to spend most of their revenues to develop more and more original contents. With the same amount of money you pay each month, you will get an expanding library of TV shows and movies that you can not finish for a short period of time.

User experience is an essential part of whether a company is successful or not. Netflix has paid attention to the slightest detail of its features to make the website convenient and accessible. For a website with such a large amount of shows, it would be a mess if they do not have a concise organization of the page. When you open Netflix, you will notice that the homepage is neatly arranged into the shows tending now, the shows for you to keep watching, and the shows recommended for you by genres. It helps you find the shows you left off before and decide which show you are going to watch next. Another critical feature of Netflix is the subtitles. Now with Netflix become popular among the world, more and more people from non-English speaking countries have access to it. Most of Netflix’s show has subtitles in English, Spanish, Franch, and Chinese.

The subtitles can help them understand the show, and for those who know English, they can also use the subtitles in some circumstances such as learning other languages or in a situation that is unsuitable for turning on the sound. While online streaming needs internet and people wanted to watch shows when they do not have access to WiFi, Netflix has launched another beneficial feature: downloading. This feature enables people to download most of the shows on Netflix to their computers, phones, and tablets and now people can watch the shows they like when they are going on a trip or anywhere they can not do so before. The launch of this feature will significantly increase people’s interested in Netflix because this is what people need in this era: unlimited access to the shows at where they want and when they want.

With all these appealing features, the price is still a major factor of whether a person should subscribe to Netflix or not. The price of a Netflix subscription is considered affordable for two reasons. First, if you select the Standard plan, which you can stream in HD and on two devices at the same time, it will cost you $11 per month. If you compare it to other entertainment expenses, it is relatively inexpensive. For example, People can get 10 to 20 hours of entertainment per month on Netflix for $11, while a single ticket to a two-hour movie in a movie theater will cost you more than that, and yet you can choose high-resolution shows from the entire library all you want if you choose to watch on Netflix.

The second reason is you can share and split the cost by taking advantage of Netflix’s feature: support of multiple profiles and multiple devices. This is a feature that most other online streaming media do not have. People can create five different profiles in one account each with different lists of TV shows and movies they like and Netflix will analysis their list and find the shows that most match to them. It is nice to have a profile for yourself because this way you will not get the shows you do not like on your page just because someone else watched it. If you select a Standard or Premium account, you can watch on two or four devices at the same time. So if you have a friend, a roommate to split or wants to share it with your families, it would be a good way to cut the cost of Netflix. 

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