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Internal Communication TO

1. Rise of the online streaming industry:

This has impacted several industries and is becoming the new “Television”. Many established companies such as Disney and Apple are now entering the industry. 

2. Pay gap:

The pay gap between male and female actors in the movie industry has put many companies and actors at risk. Many male actors are refusing high-paid roles because their female co-hosts are getting paid much less. 

3. Sexual harassment:

Scandals against male actors has put pressure on companies to end their shows and movies, or to cut the main characters. Two recent examples are the Me Too and Time’s Up movements. Attached is a memorandum with more detail on the rise of the online streaming industry. Please contact me if you have any questions. If you would like further discussion, I am available the following days. 

• Monday, June 25 from 12:00 – 2:00 p.m.

 • Friday, June 29 after 5:00 p.m. 

• Tuesday, July 3 from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. 

Thank you, Dana Khalilnassab MARSHALL CONSULTING MEMORANDUM TO: Executives FROM: Dana Khalilnassab DATE: 28 June 2018 RE: Business opportunities in the online streaming industries In recent years, the word “Netflix” has gotten a new meaning. It does not just refer to the website. “Netflixing” now means watching a movie, or a TV show online. Netflix’s success has urged companies like Disney to enter the online streaming industry. We have the opportunity to help well-established companies, such as Disney, earn their place in online streaming next to Netflix and Hulu. 

The rise of Netflix Netflix and Blockbuster started around the same time, but Netflix saw a future in online streaming and rapidly gained momentum, leaving Blockbuster no chance to compete. Currently, even though successful streaming services such as Hulu and Amazon exist, Netflix still holds the top spot with “128 million users” (Feldman 2017).

Some key factors in Netflix’s success are:

  • Domestic streaming
  • Original content
  • Keeping old content
  • Giving the users what they want “Netflix has a great user experience” (Fontinelle 2018).

Netflix focuses on its users’ wants. From no late fees back when they started their DVD delivery service, up to their current one-month free trial. Advantages of entering the industry Disney has been a dominant source of entertainment throughout the years, thus, it already has the platform and resources to have a strong start. “Disney will beat Netflix with a library that is extremely impressive of known content” (Chapman 2018). Another area Disney can easily dominate is interactive children’s programming. Their current programs, although interactive, do not give children a chance to have a wrong guess, as the show assumes they made the right guess. Having a more interactive experience where children have to actually choose an answer using a remote, a mouse, or by tapping on the screen, makes it more appealing to them and is also more beneficial. The online streaming industry is ever-growing as new movies and TV show are constantly being made. 

As Netflix proved, original content is more appealing to consumers. As Disney and other companies enter this industry, “they need someone who understands the current market” (Joshi, 2018). This is where Marshall Consulting can help and show its capabilities as one of the top consulting firms. . Netflix Remains Ahead Of Amazon And Hulu With 128M Viewers Expected This Year. . Economics of Hulu, Netflix, Redbox and Blockbuster.. Can Disney's Streaming Service Compete With Netflix? Eleven Tech Pros Weigh In. . Netflix's website in 1999 looked nothing like it does today - here's how it has evolved over the years. Brighter Future with Gender Equality Prepared by Dana Khalilnassab January 2019 Current Situation In recent years, gender inequality has become one of the most important issues in the world, especially in the United States.

The biggest attribute to gender inequality is the pay gap in the workplace. We can help companies in industries with significant gender inequality create a culture and an environment where these gaps no longer exist by implementing new and specific training programs and job descriptions so that they achieve gender egalitarianism. How Does Gender Inequality Affect the Workplace “About half of female workers would leave a job if they learned a male counterpart was making more” (King 2018). This leads to a loss of many valuable employees in a company, regardless of their position. Other female candidates looking for a position in the same company, will reconsider joining such company as a result. Although the terms gender inequality and pay gap seem to signify a general issue, they are used primarily to refer to the mistreatment of women or that women earn less than men. According to Quentin Fottrell, personal finance editor at Marketwatch, “Women earn 82 cents on the dollar compared to men” (2018). 

Per the research of Jeff Kauflin, the top 10 industries with the biggest pay gap in the United States are: Although many of these industries are male-dominated, in ones such as Healthcare and Social Assistance which are female-dominated, yet women still earn less than men. One of the most important reasons for the pay gap is career disruptions. Women are more likely than men to have career disruptions, pregnancy being the biggest reason, thus, women are less likely to be promoted or hired for higher positions such as an executive or a director. Due to the higher possibility of career disruptions, women are also penalized more than men. Depending on the length of unemployment, the wage penalty varies for someone unemployed for less than three months and someone unemployed for over a year by “3.4 percent and 7.3 percent” respectively (“The State of the Gender Pay Gap 2018” 2018). Different Views on Gender Inequality We cannot deny that women notice gender inequality more than men as they are the ones experiencing it.

However, some women notice it less than other. One of the key factors is the level of education. “For example, among women with just a high school degree, 54% thought that gender inequity didn’t exist at their employer. Among women who had an MBA, J.D., or Ph.D., only about 29% thought the same” (Kauflin 2016). This difference in views depends on several other factors such as race and background. Women of color are unjustly affected on an even greater level. Men have also started to take part in eliminating gender inequality in the workplace. On the contrary, a lot of men are misinterpreting this issue and taking a defensive position. They view it as women wanting to bring them down or take their jobs. In a Huffington Post article, Mary Lou Quinlan talks about the experience of Joanne Lipman, author of the book “That’s what she said”, where she is chatting with a man sitting next to her the plane. Once Lipman mentions that she is on her way to speak at a women’s conference, “he ripped into a rant about a recent diversity training where the facilitator had beaten up on him and his male colleagues” (2018). Few women are also taking advantage of this crisis. “Two to ten percent of sexual assault and harassment cases made by women are false accusations” (Yan 2018). This has caused some men and women to become paranoid and overly cautious about what they do. 


 1. Create a detailed outline of job requirements. Reading the job requirements and their clear understanding allows women to evaluate those skills and decide whether the skills required are worth more than what is offered. 

2. Hold quarterly meetings with both male and female employees. Through these meetings, both male and female employees get the chance to express any concerns they have. Not only regarding their wage, but regarding the work environment, colleagues, etc. 

3. Create an employee committee where employees have a voice and an opinion. Making sure your employees understand the value of diversity and inclusion allows for better internal communication and interaction. 

4. Educate employees on workplace issue through training and informational videos. An accurate and correct understanding of these issues will encourage more people to take action and stand up for not only themselves, but other employees as well.  

Women earn more than men in these two (yes, two) industries. The 10 Industries With The Biggest Gender Pay Gaps.  Tackling The Number One Cause Of Gender Inequality At Work: Unequal Pay.  Gender inequality in the workplace is not just a women's issue.  Trump says it's a 'scary time' for men. Here are the stats on false sexual assault claims. 

Important reminders:

 1) Submit the internal communication assignment as one .pdf file to Blackboard. Assignments submitted in other formats must be resubmitted and will then be marked late. 

2) Delete all of the directions and reminders within the document prior to assignment submission. Your assignment should look professional

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