Negotiation Case Study

Negotiation requires a mixture of diverse skills and professionalism as the negotiating process is frequently faced with problems. Some of this conflict are realized due to poor communication that could be as a result of barriers to communication such as one party does not want to hear or take keen interest in what is being said (Fisher, Ury, & Patton, 2011). One of the recurring challenge faced by negotiators is when the negotiation process is halt when the parties involved are not ready to understand each side story and concurrently fueled by the lack of the negotiator facilitating the negotiation process unprepared..

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Lack of patience could lead to disgruntled party in whom he/she has no patience for the negotiation process which could lead to rapture of derogatory remarks, criticism and sarcasm (Ericson, Baranek, & Chan, 2009). Last but not least, the negotiation process could be faced with rigidity and the negotiator being biased towards one party. This is wrong as the process is supposed to be flexible and fair.

The reality is that most of the negotiators usually over rate their own shortcomings. In order to increase one’s strength as a negotiator and be able to hold one’s position confidently with integrity, then negotiators should take into account and be aware of their weakness and support them by being in check of any assumptions that he/she may have towards the party, expand their alternatives by negotiation involving more than two negotiators (Safran, & Muran, 2000). Their positions could be supported very well in regard to serenity of the situation.

The fixed pie (win-lose situation) involves the use of the matter at hand and distributing proportions at hand as their limited distribution to go around (Cummins, 2016). Such scenarios of people eating pizza, at some point the pieces will reduce to a few pieces that cannot feed everyone and the party have to settle in doing away with the last piece in favor to his/her partner. The negotiation takes into consideration multiple issues, sharing, problem solving and bridge relationships. The best negotiation process would be integrative negotiations.


The instructor role as a negotiating instrument is by planning and preparing information through private investigation of the matter at hand, being confident, have a good communication that really helps in determining party’s interests and creating solutions that will settle the conflict. In ditto to above statement, the instructor must be able to control emotions involved, by commanding and managing reasonable authority. The negotiator should understand the consequences of his ruling and the party’s process of conflict by tabling all issues and understand priorities.


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