Community Medical Associates Case Study


The major principles that CMA uses to improve performance are

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“Community Medical Associates Case Study”

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Improve Quality:- according to health practitioners not having all medical information fast has direct impact on quality of care and patients content. Aiming at improving the quality of care, doctors consolidated over 50CMA databases into one system thus were able to get all information faster.

Reduce cost: the cost of operation was reduced since the paper work was cut short by half. Making use of the operating system, CMA combined all their programs in to one thus cutting down the operating cost.

Elimination of waste: through combining 50 CMA database, into one electronic record many wastage was cut short such as paper usage , storage of record and hand crafted clinical notes

Increasing speed: With the condensed operating system doctors are able to have faster processing times and doctors notes are transcribed within two days thus reducing the time taken to give patient proper treatment.


  • Preproduction Service
  • Core Processes
  • Postproduction Services

Doctors have complex array of appoints and scheduling

  • Two Hospitals
  • 25 Satellite health centers
  • 56 outpatient clinics


  • Huge opportunity for errors
  • Generates a very high cost of poor quality

Medical Records and office notes take a long time to update if get imputed into the data base at all

  • Patients Care Delayed Due to system processes
  • Paper Based

CMA Future State

  • Customer Experience more timely manner
  • Able to receive correct treatment and charts up to date
  • Doctors able to access patients records quickly and make correct diagnosis
  • Saving paper, resources, time and money
  • Combined 50 databases into 1 system
  • Converted to electronic records


I believe that the CMA improvements had a major effect on sustainability they were using less energy and transport cost to operate their systems as well as cutting down waste by using half as much paper as they were with the old system all did good for environmental. For social sustainability they improved with being about to help patients in more systematic way to ensure more patient satisfaction and they are getting were getting proper diagnosis and effective treatments in a more timely manner. And for economic sustainability, they improved with condensing all of their systems into one which saved them more money, as well as having access to transport documents electronically it cut down the price per medical record sent by about $3 each.


New System Costs Total Outpatient Record Retrieval Cost = 1,500,000*($1.32)(1.4) = $2,772,000

Total Inpatient Record Retrieval Cost = *($1.32)*(4.8)* 60,000 = $380,160

Total Annual Record Retrieval Savings = $10,650,480 – $3,152,160 = $7,498,320.


Yes one can concurrently improve speed and quality while reducing waste and costs. Because of condensing over 50 applications into one program saves the company money also allows the system and processes to go quicker with everything in one place then this leads to service quality improving with patients being treated in a more timely and organized fashion.


Overall, the CMA improvement initiative and the changes they have already made have made a tremendous difference in the waste they were producing and have saved them a lot of money. They used the 4 principles of lean operating systems in order to get there business on the right track and focusing on making everything go a lot smoother for the patients sake.The first principle of Lean is identifying value as perceived by the customer; if you can provide your customer what they want every time then you will ensure that you have satisfied customers. If you always supply top quality products and services on time, at the right place then you have a business that is going to succeed! (Earley, 2015) This definitely was also some of the key components of sustainability with these efforts to increase the longevity of this hospital and improve patient satisfaction and quality of care.


Collier, D. A., & Evans, J. R. (2014). OM5 (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

Earley, T. (2015, August). Benefits of Lean Manufacturing | Why Implement Lean? Retrieved from

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