Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

(a) Discuss three conflict resolution strategies learned in the class.

(b) For each of the strategies, provide an example where you can apply them in a personal or work situation.

Ans: The following three strategies of conflict resolution from the domain of business negotiation can help to maintain good relationship among parties and to avoid the situations like lawsuit, and even to create value.

Avoid being aggravated into associate emotional response.

Negotiators build many moves to question every other’s legitimacy and assert their own power, write Deborah M. Kolb and Judith Williams in their book Everyday Negotiation: Navigating the Hidden Agendas in negotiation. This shadow negotiation, that takes place beneath the surface, helps to clarify why discussions of concrete, ostensibly rational problems will cause angry outbursts, hurt feelings, and cooking conflict (see additionally, however Emotions have an effect on Your Negotiating Ability).

Here are some examples. First, a person might challenge your ability or expertise for example, by oral communication you don’t have the expertise to perform a selected task. Second, somebody would possibly mortify your ideas during a method that it makes it tough for you to reply, maybe by oral communication, You can’t be serious! Finally, a coworker would possibly criticize your vogue with a line like Stop being thus sensitive.

By difficult, demeaning, and criticizing you, the opposite party is also to electrify you into an emotional response which will shift the balance of power in their favor.

How are you able to defend yourself against such moves while not being defendant of overreacting? Kolb and Williams recommend many responses, that they decision turns:

Interrupt the move by taking a chance that ought to offer everybody time to realize management of their emotions, additionally to halting any momentum that’s going against you.

Attempt naming the move; that’s, let your coworker apprehend that you simply acknowledge it as an influence play. If somebody says, You can’t be serious! you may respond, Actually, I’m quite serious. rather than cutting Maine off, however concerning if you offer Maine an opportunity to clarify my plan?

Correct the move, work the opposite side’s negative remarks with a additional positive interpretation. If a coworker incorrectly blames you for a choice that went wrong, offer him or your boss with arduous proof of the facts.

Divert the move by shifting the main target back to the problem at hand. To the one that criticizes you as to a fault sensitive, you may say, I assume it’d be best if we tend to avoid personal judgments and think about the proposal.

Don’t abandon value-creating methods.

Negotiators UN agency perceives the importance of collaborating with each other to make price even so usually abandon that approach throughout dispute resolution. Treating disputes as completely different from different aspects of deal creating, they have an inclination to look at business dispute resolution as a zero-sum gameone during which solely one issue (such as money) is at stake. Consequently, they have an inclination to seem at the dispute resolution method as a win-lose battle, to their impairment.

By distinction, you ought to be ready to realize the identical set of value-creation opportunities in disputes as you are doing in deals. If each parties would seemingly suffer reputational harm if their dispute went public, then they could comply with keep sure aspects of their dispute resolution method confidential. Reaching agreement on ostensibly peripheral problems will facilitate parties build a foundation of trust and optimism that allows them to collaborate to resolve the most sources of their conflict.

Disputants are ready to produce price by commerce on their differing preferences and priorities. Suppose Party A places a high price on receiving a proper apology from Party B. Party B can be willing to grant the apology in exchange for a lower settlement payment to Party A. Through such tradeoffs, negotiators will increase the percentages of a peaceful and lasting resolution.

Use time to your advantage.

The perceptions we tend to hold concerning the dispute resolution method might modification over time as a results of our experiences addressing the conflict and with the opposite party. for instance, a pair that endures a resentful divorce would possibly grow additional cooperative over time for the sake of their kids. instead of viewing your dispute as for good unmanageable, try and read it as being perpetually in flux.

It helps to stay in reality with the opposite party throughout dispute resolution. Doing thus might enable you to encourage them that your existing approaches to the conflict resolution don’t seem to be operating which the prospect of negotiating offers some hope of improvement. Once parties acknowledge the importance of meeting frequently, they will be ready to slowly run through their variations.

Another reason time may be your friend relevant resolution. The departure of dissentious leaders on one facet of the conflict or the opposite can give new hope for resolution once your time has passed. Take advantage of such situation by creating a brand new settlement proposal, operating through a negotiator or different third party if necessary.

(C)Discuss a preferred approach you can use when negotiating with a difficult customer? What strategies can you use to improve the relationship with this stakeholder?


  1. Listen patiently.

In managing a exigent consumer, the sales consummate should not be forceful. That merely blocks negotiation. Instead the worker ought to encounter soft and not speak about the robust consumer, even once it’s extravagantly clear that she is off base.

Let the consumer speak her out. Confine mind the needier her behavior, the plenty of power the worker has since neediness comes from weakness. By listening, the worker has the possibility to create trust, sympathy and rapport and it calms down the robust person.

  1. Show sympathy.

A salesperson can demonstrate sympathy through eye contact, communication and smaller verbal cues showing engagement and concern.

By being sympathetic and attuned, the worker makes it clear he understands the customer’s concerns. He should repeat back what’s being same that the consumer canfeel that she’s being understood.

  1. Lower the voice and overcome speech.

If a consumer is angry, the worker should be quiet amid this aggression. as a result of the consumer grows louder, the worker should be alert, lower his voice and speak slowly but firmly.

If the sales consummate doesn’t demonstrate some way of management, the consumer will devour on worry and choose the jugular.

This strategy shows there’s not any emergency, the consumer can relax and regardless of she is exigent are going to be handled expeditiously. a salesperson ought toconfine mind that emotions are contagious and if he becomes mounted in a {very} very customer’s emotional chaos, the negotiation will not be productive.

  1. Imagine associate audience.

It’s effective for a salesperson to imagine different customers are inside the house perceptive this interaction as due to keep calm and accountable of the interaction. Imagining associate audience totally changes the emotional dynamic for the worker.

This simple shift in perspective grants a buffer to remain the worker thinking clearly. After all, he wouldn’t like the other customers he is used with to figure out him as one thing however stellar. This fashion once a tricky consumer becomes angry or abusive, the sales consummate can invoke the invisible audience to remain grounded and in prime performance mode.

  1. be wrong to be right.

The sales consummate should go along with the customer’s energy. If nothing the consummate is doing or spoken language can satisfy this consumer, then he can use the strategy of agreement: surrendering and granting agreement to the robust consumer.

Because this is often fulminant, the consumer will all told chance begin defensive the worker. It’s a natural activity mechanism that when a private is allowed to win that she goes to start to be plenty of receptive what she was fighting against.

This strategy helps makes robust customers of receptive negotiating as a results of presently they need the negotiation are on their terms as they are a lot of in set with the sales professional’s position.

Related: some way to accommodate the consumer administrative unit isn’t Right

  1. Demonstrate emotional management.

If the consumer swears or becomes abusive, the sales consummate should cue himself that anger comes from worry. By disregarding the anger part and reading between the lines to recognise the exigent customer’s fears, the worker can attend to core issues and not be misdirected by chaos of the surface feeling.

Emotions are contagious, so corporal punishment this strategy are going to be robust. once the worker matches anger with anger, he or she stands to burn bridges.

If the worker can train his mind to figure out anger as worry, he can keep calm and de-escalate the customer’s confrontation.

  1. it’s not personal.

When managing associate sad consumer, a salesperson needs to cue himself that this is often a business issue not a non-public one. If the worker is being attacked on a non-public level, it’ll trigger him to defend himself and move removed from the problem at hand.

But the sales consummate should strategic to the facts and keep firm with them. In reality, this consumer is alert to very little or no regarding the sales consummate on a non-public level, so he should keep this in mind and guide the spoken language back to the pressing issue and therefore the method he intends to unravel the matter for the consumer, ignoring personal attacks.

Sales professionals should detain mind they are interacting with social group and kin not superpowers. Anger is associate half-witted feeling. the simplest strategy for a salesperson is to grasp his or her own emotions additionally as have data regarding the emotions of others.

When a sales consummate is alert to that the core of anger are going to be worry, he’ll be at a bonus. Angry people sometimes do not feel their worry as a result of they’re lost in their anger. uses anger to comprehend management. If a sales consummate matches anger with anger, a war will prove and conjointly the connection are destroyed.

Therefore the worker ought to be a passive but firm presence against the force utilized by the robust consumer, reminding himself that the consumer feels out of management and is creating an effort to comprehend management. Angry people have the maturity of a 2-year-old, that the sales consummate would be wise detain mind the flexibility in remaining calm, flexible, patient and aware.

(d) Discuss three lessons learned by taking this course.

Different types of Conflicts

There are differing types of conflicts that may be found either within the work atmosphere of in personal life. It depends on true and time however huge the conflict is and the way will we have a tendency to overcome with it.

A conflict arises once somebody disagrees with one thing; it depends on individual on however that person deals with the conflict.

Conflicts are inevitable in any scenario whether or not its personal life or business life. Whereas work conflict will typically be resolved amongst employees, different time management or human resources should facilitate solve the matter, or they’re concerned within the conflict themselves.

I have analysed each work conflicts and private conflicts. Today, I might prefer to discuss regarding Team conflicts that I encountered thus far:

  • Interdependence Conflicts
  • Differences in Style
  • Differences in Leadership
  • Personality Clashes.

Leadership variations

In my previous project once my project manager modified I encountered this leadership variations conflict. My former manager accustomed deal things otherwise and every one our team members get accustomed that, once the new container came at first it become tough perceive|to know|to grasp} however shortly we have a tendency to understand new manager vogue and what he’s expecting from USA. generally the leadership variations could araise thanks to gender like men handle things otherwise than ladies. the 2 triats are completely different as shown in image.

My former manager accustomed send the schedule sheet to enter the team members after they are coming out, however new manager need USA to send him personal email once we want day off.

We can avoid this conflict by being clear on the new manager rules and what he’s expecting otherwise than the previous manager within the offset. Being clear from the beginning regarding any changes between the previous and new leadership will facilitate resolve abundant of this kind of conflict

Personality Clashes

This is a lot of difficult clash to cater to. Despite of your efforts you can’t get together with somebody in your work however you can’t escape with true. this may not permit you to fancy work and additionally increase your stress level.

Accept the temperament variations and perceive all problems concerned in temperament clashes

Do correct and polite communication

Always keep skilled

Last however not least, if you came to the purpose that you just cannot take it, inform management.

These are the four conflicts that I have got encountered in my business life until currently. These conflicts are common and that we should prepare our attempt to scale back or avoid them by taking necessary steps to create work place a lot of pleasant place.


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