Case Study: the Cold War

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The Cold War is a perfect example of the quest for dominance between the United States of America and the Soviet Union present day Russia. As alluded to by George Orwell, a British Author, living under the prospect of a nuclear war was dubbed ‘a peace that is no peace.’ The term, Cold War, would come to characterize the political, social, and monetary history of the second phase of the twentieth century. More than simply a military standoff, the Cold War offered a steady global framework manufactured by the world's rising two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union that kept going over four decades. This framework shaped very quickly taking after World War II when the United States and the Soviet Union encapsulated the contrasts between an entrepreneur and a comrade world. The contention that emerged between these two in a general brought forth advancement of new weapons frameworks, including the Minuteman I and II.

The Cold War Antics

There is a sense of agreement that the Soviet Union was among the countries during this period to enforce totalitarian systems; the systems that undermined the will of the common man and which undermined the very basic principles of democracy. The common threat of the Soviets and Americans, prompting the Cold War, created after World War II as the two sides contended over various geographic and political zones of conflict. In a few showdowns and conciliatory circumstances, American policymakers specifically learned imperative lessons, including that the Soviet Union was no longer a partner, that Moscow proposed to extend the physical domain of socialism, and that the Soviets must be prevented by force and nothing else. The United States of America was for the idea that the people need to have the mandate and authority to choose their own governments and determine the kind of leadership, they are under. This was among the many principles of western democracy employed by the United States of America and Britain. This was a clear indication that the West were for capitalistic societies rather than communist ones, as it were with the Soviet Union. The main basis of peace in Europe was fronted to be, the unity within the countries herein. Communist Russia was a threat to world stability and an actor waiting to reap the benefits of war and expand its own dominance. The pact between the United States of America, Britain and other Common Wealth countries was a front that would destroy any formidable enemy. The antics by the United States of America and Britain were mainly a side show, which was based on the idea that no party was willing to allow Russia any dominance. There was an agreement that the Soviets had arrangements that accepted a western hostility vibe and that their expansionism was inevitable. The proposal was that Moscow would just be deflected by intense restriction, be it political or military. The United States' sense of duty regarding Western Europe's safeguarding, exemplified by endeavours amid the Berlin Blockade, prompted the foundation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in April 1949. NATO accommodated an aggregate guard of its individuals, as the association's sanction guaranteed that an assault on one would be viewed as an assault on all. NATO spoke to the United States sense of duty regarding its European partners and would turn into a vital key to containing the Soviet Union in Europe. From the very beginning, Russia intensely contradicted NATO's eastbound "extension", keeping up that it was maintained against Russia and its interests. To counter the rule that nations could pick their partnerships, Russia regularly alluded to the standard of "indissoluble nature of security," the security of any given state ought not to be sought after to the detriment of security of other states.  Moscow has additionally attempted to hamper EU augmentation. Because of focal European states, Russia attempted to set up a few conditions and get some level of monetary "pay." Russia has additionally tried to wreck EU Association Agreements with individual post-Soviet states. It was effective in countries such as Armenia, however unsuccessful somewhere else. The root of certain "reflexes" of Russian vital speculation can without much of a stretch be traced. In our eyes, these proceeds, in numerous perspectives, to impact key choices. Despite its gathered reasonability, key deduction keeps on being overwhelmed by the inheritance of the past, which implies an arrival to the Soviet convictions in the encounter of the two human advancements, the chase for adversaries and the counter American talk that ensured the inner soundness of the administration. Regardless of the possibility that purported liberal sentiments are beginning to be listened to, Russian technique is commanded by conservatism, the Eurasian idea and the possibility that recovering previous brilliance is fundamental. Although some accept to watch the failure of Russia to begin living in the 21st century, a vast dominant part of the elites and the Russian individuals welcome this.


Russia’s pragmatic and strategic policy towards its western counterparts has very much remained the same. The Russians have maintained a position of not taking any intimidation whatsoever. This has ensured that it embraces counteractive strategies to supplement its own quest for spatial dominance. However, some countries such as Ukraine have ceased to support Russia and have embraced the West. In some quarters, it has been deemed crucial that the strengthening of NATO especially so, in the Eastern sphere, is crucial in taming Russia and ensure strategic co-operation between the United States of America and the European Union against mighty Russia.
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