What is an Ideal Society

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An ideal society is the one where all the people are working towards a common objective that revolves around survival and continuation of the society. It also involves ensuring that there is smooth flow of activities especially the basic requirements for survival of the human being. The secondary requirement to ensure comfort of utopia are also factored as depicted by Plato.

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“What is an Ideal Society”

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A number of philosophers have attempted to explain the different ways constituting to an ideal society. They include Thomas More, Machiavelli, Jefferson, Le Guin and Plato in the  Allegory of the cave. Every society’s main purpose is to create a good society that adheres to the essential rules and principles of Equality among all the members, freedom of expression and doing what is deemed right in the society and ensuring sustenance of the available resources for the society’s consumption. The upright society creates a mirror to reflect and analyze the principles and political ideologies and compare their effectiveness in supporting equity. The philosophers despite having existed in different period had an almost similar thought on the characteristics of an Utopia society.  

Controlled Government/ leadership

In an ideal society, the government acts as a pillar of ensuring democratic administration according to Utopia by Thomas More. It is a form of representative of the society to ensure order but not as a form of restriction to the society. Government should be elected in the fairest form in the society through a popular vote from members within. Democratic government is owned by the people in the society and represents fairness and equality to all members of the society. The leaders are to be understanding and advocate the best for their subjects as Jefferson advocated in his speech. In an ideal society according to Machiavelli, leaders are not dictators but the directors and managers of the state. A world where education is important where the system is focused to teach and develop the kids passion and purpose. A system where the students are in  non competitive environment to learn and discover their own pace. Imagine that once a student discovers their passion a mentor comes in and guides them in that field they are interested in. This mentor stay with the child and helps develop the child until they feel they are ready in their specific field. With this non competitive environment and people, self esteem will be high because each child is focused and running their own race without the burden of paying for the education Then travel down to the area cost of living, where to take public transportation would be safe and minimal coast. Homes will be powered by solar power and wind!

Personal respect and liberty

A perfect society is the one where there is no discrimination, violence and any form of capitalism as Le Guin puts it the  Thinking what Matters. The resources belong to the community hence no property wrangles. In this society peace prevails and every member in the society lives their desired life with all freedom and rights in place. Every member has a say and has enough access to the essentials of life such as food, shelter and clothing. There is fairness and comfort which encompasses conserving the surrounding for future generations and prolonged survival.

Societal justice and equity in allocation

Societal justice is not a favor but a virtue. Every member in the society should be equally treated regardless of social status. The allocation of resources should be equal to all such as education rights to all the students regardless of the race as depicted by Jefferson literature . Justice ensures that people do not rebel in the society and create a peaceful Nation without crisis from various factions.

Freedom of movement, expression, and association

In an ideal society, there is freedom of movement and expression. One is entitled to move wherever they can unless the movement does not lead to trespass of others properties. People have the freedom to expression their problem to the government and to the various instructions in the land without fear. Plato in the allegory of the cave, people should have the right to associate with the people they feel they are like minded or have a common interest.

Free property ownership

A society where there is freedom to own property without restriction is a Utopian society. Communal property should remain as it is while personal property should be safeguarded unless they clip the right of movement to the society.

In conclusion all the philosophers despite of being in different periods have a similar theme toward the Utopia society, that i seem to agree with. They advocate for Personal freedom, Respect, Equity in allocation, justice, controlled government and human equity.

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