The Concept of Ideal Utilitarianism

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Utilitarianism is the philosophy claims that when it comes to a moral decision, always elect the one that benefits the majority. This particular philosophy originate from a movement of Ethics and Political philosophy in 19th century England. This is a concept that teaches people to determine the value of an action solely from a perspective of common good.

Also, this idea begins from a fundamental principle that happiness and joy are essentially valuable and anything else is only meaningful if it can cause pleasure or avoid agony. In other words, the attribute of pain and suffering of anything is totally insignificant in this world. Jeremy Bentham, the founder of this philosophy, depict the applicability of Utilitarianism as the all gratification that results from one deed, minus the anguish of all the individual that participate in the deed.

In this case, on a ideal Utilitarianism, people will not be injured, but instead gain more happiness.
Nevertheless, this school of philosophy is still controversial since it is not hypothetically clean due to the fact that it is not apparent what fundamental work that God does in terms of regulating ethics. God as the origin of normative is consistent with Utilitarianism, however Utilitarianism does not necessarily need this. Also, in this particular case, any living thing that is virtuous and of common interest can be attributed to the ideal Utilitarianism.

But, the fact that all the animals are not reflective and sensitive to the moral discrimination caused all the animals are not the object of any moral topics. Therefore, Utilitarianism can contribute to the allowance of us to make a order of reflective creatures besides its meaning on prejudice. In fact, the feature of a virtuous person is not only simply a man of the right actions but also a man that is affectionate and motivate to the right sort.

When we are comparing the morality of an action, we are kind of controlled by our sense of moral to make to judgement to the action. The evaluation of a best action is adding the pleasure and satisfaction of people. However, while adding this things, there are always people getting hurt and pain.

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