Three Waves of Feminism Focus on the Role of Women in Society

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The women’s movement was a socially diverse movement, that sought out equal rights, opportunities, and greater personal freedom for women. There are three waves of feminism that focus on women's roles in society. The first wave of the late 19th century and early 20th centuries aimed attention on women's legal rights for equal opportunities, education, employment, and owning property. The 19th amendment was the monumental parliamentary triumph of the first wave. The second wave of feminism of the 1960s-1980s shifted its focus on not just political equality but on social equality. These feminists would appeal that the problems appeared to be ‘narrow-minded’ about subject matters such as- sex, relationships, preception around domestic violence, as well as incorporating new abortion laws- which indicated political and fundamental values that enforced fighting for women's equality.

In addition, this wave of feminism geared to prohibit marital rape and allow shelters to be assembled for women escaping domestic violence and rape. The third wave of feminism gravitated to combat the battle of workplace sexual harassment and gain expansion in the number of women in higher positions of power. Furthermore, these feminist waves introduced a historical step regarding, the impact of violence against women in the criminal justice system. This reform in our history created a transition for women, which indicated a social change known as the Me Too movement. #MeToo was founded by Tarana Burke in 2006 to promote empowerment through the empathy of women of color who have been sexually abused. However, this movement didn't get recognition until 2017, in the Weinstein trial case. This trial was a milestone for #MeToo that allowed sexual violence survivors to become more vocalized in sharing their encounters with sexual abuse, in addition to becoming emboldened to pursue justice.

The Weinstein trial is an indication that the systems are coming together to address the problem instead of just supporting it. Although this movement has gained recognition over the past two years, there is still uncertainty to declare whether this campaign will form an abiding impact on the policy, law, and the criminal justice system. Sexual harassment and abuse is not due to controversies of an entity's behavior, but instead, a problem of systems and culture that requires the public to come together and support these individuals. This movement thoroughly reshaped the way people think of women, sex, and power. There have been allegations that there is a new women's movement that is progressing very well for women and men. Women are becoming more involved politically and powerful predators are being trialed more. In addition to this, movement, men are becoming more vocalized in sharing their sexual harassment stories and supporting the movement overall. Women still continue to fight and pursue justice against the superior male in sexual abuse cases. 

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