Nursing Need Teamwork for Patient Satisfaction

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Nursing is like glue. It can get messy, and yet it is still satisfying. At some point in time, everyone is bound to get sick, and this is where the nursing field steps in. Nurses will work endlessly to identify and protect an individual's needs. Nursing is an art and a science. Those who choose nursing school must have an understanding of fundamental respect, and rigorously touch base on the core learning aspects. Caring is the foundation of nursing, professional identity is the development within the nurse, and professional organizations provide opportunities for nurses to either meet new people or voice their concerns. The healthcare field is endlessly evolving due to new education requirements. Nursing is not easy, but the results are worth it.

To begin with, caring is considered to be the foundation of nursing. To be able to show sympathy and kindness towards others who have fallen ill. For a nurse, it is all about gaining mutual respect and being able to have open communication with their patients. A positive outlook could be an alleviation of their pain, decreased levels of anxiety, optimistic outlooks during the recovery process, and fewer hospital days. It is beneficial to improving patient and coworker relationships while increasing the nurses' chance for a career advancement opportunity can be inferred from the six C's. Care, compassion, courage, communication, competence, and commitment. Competence can be described as the scientific concept, whereas others are attributes, defining the attitudes and approaches (Bostock-Cox, 2013).

Secondly, as a nurse coping with stress is a part of the job; dealing with patients and staff at times can become un-bearing. What is essential for the nurse's next step is to initially take a step back and ask themselves, 'am I okay'? Self-care is vital because without it, the nurse is not at a full level of potential. To care for a patient, the nurse first needs to care for himself or herself. That being said, the environment around a nurse will affect how the day goes. Starting the day with civility in the workplace creates a positive mindset for the rest of the day.

Also, a nurse's identity will include professional and personal development, along with beliefs, values, motives, and experiences. Core values will become self-evident once the nurse gains experience, self-reflects, and grows within the profession. Reflecting on the ethical codes of conduct is essential to do so regularly. Nurses can have their own beliefs and values, but once it comes to a patient, their beliefs and values will become your own. Nurses must embrace these fundamental values while continuing to improve patient outcomes. Authors of a literature review delineated nursing self-concept and professional identity as self-concept pertains to a person's understanding of one's attributes, and professional identity is a sense of self in the context of the nursing role (Ferrell, Christian, & Rachael, 2017). As a nurse trying to figure out their professional and personal identities, one must go through trial and error to gain experience that will educate and test them. As a result, these identities start to form.

Furthermore, the organization that personally interests myself is the Organization for Associates Degree Nursing. The (OADN) is dedicated to enhancing the quality of Associate Degree Nursing education, strengthening the professional role of the Associate Degree Nurse, and promoting the future of Associate Degree Nursing as an entry point into registered nursing in the midst of healthcare changes (OADN, 2020). The (OADN) focuses on advocating for nursing education, advancing the membership, and promoting collaboration with others. The mission is to provide leadership in the nursing education that will foresee the improvement in health for our communities while promoting meaningful changes.

Foremost, there are many nurse practice specialties with differing levels of authority. Although different, all nurses have a set scope of practice, roles, and responsibilities. As a nurse, you will ensure that the patient's health and wellbeing are the top priority. The roles and responsibilities of a nurse are communicating with patients, being an advocate, educating, caregiver, and following your scope of practice (Registered nurse standards for practice, 2017). The scope of practice was introduced as a guideline for nurses to follow to continue the safe nursing practice. The roles and scope of practice for members of the intra-professional team differ based on education level, but with teamwork, the tasks are broken down and overseen by a physician. For example, LPNs cannot legally give IVs, but the RNs can so they will take on that task once directed by the leading physician. To be able to work as a team, there has to be mutual respect and civility. If you happen to notice someone is having a rough time with something, instead of belittling them try to encourage them. Civility in the workplace goes a long way with teamwork and patient satisfaction.

To conclude, as stated above, caring is the foundation of nursing, professional identity is the development within the nurse, and professional organizations provide opportunities for nurses to either meet new people or voice their concerns. To care, the nurse must show sympathy, patience, and gain trust. The professional identity will develop once the nurse has the experience, the confidence, and found their place within the intra-professional team. Professional organizations are there to encourage nurses to join them, give opportunity chances, and receive benefits like having a voice.

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