My Country’s Government, Economic Structure

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As the newly elected president of my country it would be ran by a constitutional democracy government. This would be different from what the people are used to but appropriate educating and encouragement to participate in the new government would need to take place. The government style that the citizens just over came was a dictatorship, a form of government in which a ruler or small clique use absolute power (Diehl 2009). With the new government being a constitutional democracy there will be a set of rules and principles that would be followed automatically. The citizens would be able to vote and make better lives for themselves and children. Everyone would equal rights to vote and make to make their voices heard.

Creating a country to follow principles of a constitutional democracy would need to meet different criteria such as the government must be responsive to the people. Second, they must be limited in the goals they can pursue and the means by which they can pursue them. Third, they must be effective for the people. In order to do this, we would have the three branches of government. Executive, Judicial and legislative would be the three branches. The executive branch would consist of the president, vice president and cabinet who carries out laws. While the judicial would consist of the Supreme Court and legislative branch consisting of congress where laws are made. Public good domestic programs are characterized as benefiting everyone. I would have to propose that all levels of law enforcement and public health for all. All levels of law enforcement would make sure citizens feel safe and make sure citizens are following laws to ensure order. Public health is a public good because everyone is entitled to healthcare, preventing the spread of diseases and identifying illnesses.

When it comes to an economic structure, I would choose a command economic system. A command economic system is controlled by the government meaning the government determines production prices, and incomes. This government has its disadvantages, but I feel it would allow citizens to get jobs and equal opportunities, this economic structure can focus on the good of society rather than an individual. This focus could lead to more efficient use of resources.

Socializing citizens of our society could be done by technology. Radio stations and the internet could allow people to network creating national unity. Educating children about history, hosting holidays in observance to important days such Independence Day and having national songs that bring everyone together for events like America can also unite citizens.

Two international organizations for economics and security would be the World Bank and The United Nations. The World bank is an international financial institution that provides loans and grants to the governments of poorer countries for the purpose of pursuing capital projects. The United Nations is a governmental organization that aims to maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations among nations and accomplish international collaboration. In order to join these organizations a country must abide by rules and met certain requirements.

The antiterrorist measures growing out of executive orders and the Patriot Act give the U.S. federal government powers of surveillance and infiltration unprecedented in modern times. At first supportive, public opinion is now deeply divided on the wisdom and necessity of warrantless wiretaps and other forms of government spying on civilians (Magstadt 2017). To combat the neighboring countries against terrorist and domestic threats our military would be alerted and serve to protect our country, we would also have alliances with other countries, stronger countries to help fight against terrorism.

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