Main Forms of Government

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Every government has their own way of governing. Not all countries have an elected president like the United States. There are four types of governments. The four types are Monarchy, Oligarchy, Tyranny, and Democracy. Monarchy is a country thats ruled by a monarch meaning a king or queen. The king or queen rules the kingdom or empire. If its a constitutional monarchy the constitution limits the monarch's power. Otherwise if it's an absolute monarchy the monarch is going to have an unlimited amount of power.


The next form of government is an Oligarchy. Oligarchy is a word that comes from the greek to english that means intact. An Oligarchy is run by a privileged small amount of people. For example, it can be run by royalty people, people in high education, people of wealth, or people involved in the military. Next form of government is Tyranny. Tyranny is a form of government in which the ruler has absolute power and authority and is a single ruler. Sometimes a tyranny government can get out of hand because the ruler can be too powerful with all the unlimited amount of power they have and they can be greedy. The last form of government is Democracy. Democracy is a form of government where the people have the power and rule directly or through the elected representatives.


America itself is a democracy. The means that we elect which person we want to become president. Whomever is most voted for becomes president of the United States. After that most decisions are up to the president as long as the congress approves, but the citizens do have say and power too. I think Americans today look for a leader that represents our country in the best way, which includes intelligence, control of resources, full of respectful, trustworthy, responsibility, leadership. We want someone that is not only going to make logical decisions for our country but also someone who is a good person that cares about the country and citizens. Most people want a person that is actually going to represent us the right way, someone that is truly a good person and wants to show the rest of the world that americans are good people. Now days plenty of Americans are racist, sexist, and just judgemental. They choose someone out of judgement instead of what is really best for our country.


Currently in our society, many people choose not to vote. It would really benefit our country if people would actually vote, because sharing your personal opinion helps. In the future I will vote for what is truly best for our country. I can give my best advice and spread my word to other people on who would be the best person to vote for and why. Also I will stand up for what is right by spreading my best opinion. I will voice my opinion to others to create a bigger voice to change something for the better. I can do this by protesting, and gathering an audience who agrees with me.


Putting your country first benefits everyone. If all citizens work together to make our country great, we will never come upon strife in out life. Decades ago, our ancestors built up our great nation we live in today, and it would be awful if we tore down what took so long to build. Also just being a great citizen by making good decisions and doing what is right is always good for the country.

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