The Role of Government in Communication Industries

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In the modern society, the existence of a government plays an indisputable role in the maintenance of social peace of any country around the globe by protecting and providing for its citizens. In addition, the governments all around the world are tasked with a vital duty of ensuring the best service provision to its citizens through its various arms and organs. So as to achieve this, it is mandated to outline a set of rules and regulations whose sole purpose aims at shaping various industries. The media and communication industry is doubtlessly one of the industries whose activities are obligated to close monitor by any government globally.    

To begin with, different organizations playing the regulatory role of the media and the communication sector are often evident all around the world. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for instance, is a body that was established by the Australian government in 2005 to accomplish this task. As a result, the Australian government is able to provide telecommunication, spectral management, broadcasting and content dissemination regulations through this body. ACMA is mandated to comply with the Australian telecommunication act of 1997 and 1999 by ensuring that proper advice with regard to telecommunication is not only provided to the telecommunication industry but also to the Minister in charge of the telecommunication industry. This in turn ensures that the country's telecommunication industry is at par with the international standards outlined for the communication sector.

The sensitization of Australian citizens in relation to matters concerning the telecommunication system is an important duty that the Australian government must accomplish. To achieve this, the Australian government through ACMA, provide information to its citizens concerning such matters that involve the telecommunication branch of the communication sector. This is done mainly by the educational programs that the organization provides periodically to the public. Moreover, these educational programs also serves the sole purpose of sufficient advice about telecommunication matters to the public. Of all the telecommunication regulatory functions outlined in the telecommunications act of 1997 and 1999 enhanced by ACMA, the most important all leads down to monitoring the telecommunication system of the country. Not only does ACMA monitor the operation of each of the telecommunication acts but also reports periodically to the Australian government through the communication minister, the operation of each act.

Contrary to the latter phase of the Australian government role in the Media and communication industries, regulatory services on the radio communications industry springs up as its most vital spectrum management function. Through ACMA, the Australian government has full management of the Australian radiofrequency spectrum. This is in accomplice to the radio communication act of 1992. This act also demands advisory services to both the radio communication community and to the communication minister on such matters relating to radio communication.

Alike in the telecommunication sector where the Australian government demands a set pacer telecommunication sector globally, the radio communication community of Australia also deserves to be at par internationally. To achieve this, ACMA is obligated to manage the country's radio communication community in such a manner that it set international standards. In addition to this, ACMA conducts educational programs to the public concerning radio communications. Consequently, it disseminates relevant information relating to radio communication on a periodic basis to the public by giving them the best advice on radio communication. The accomplishment of spectrum management functions by ACMA demands both the monitoring and reporting on the operations of the radio communication act of 1992 to the government.

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