What Life is Like Living with Depression and Anxiety?

As many years go by, depression and anxiety have truly reached the surface than it did back in the 1950’s. We are all so exposed to a whole lot more in this generation and traumatized by events, or sadly, are simply born with either one or both of these mental health disorders.

While there can be many causes of both depression and anxiety, let’s dive into the most common causes of these two mental illnesses.

Beginning with depression, although there are various reasons, the most common causes are traumas, chemical imbalances or drugs. People who have witnessed or was a victim of a traumatizing event, could affect their whole life causing many flashbacks and sadness. A chemical imbalance is when there are not enough or more than enough of a chemical in your brain titled neurotransmitters. This can be treated with the right medications which takes about four to six weeks to get going and begin doing some justice to your mentality. Lastly, drugs can play a big role causing this feeling, but there is no certain drug exactly that causes depression because it is almost impossible to list the amount of drugs that is capable of doing so. The continuance and discontinuance of drugs may cause various symptoms of depression.

Anxiety has many different common causes like the environmental aspects of someone’s life, genetics or withdrawal. Living in an environment that is toxic, unsafe or unorganized, can cause many people anxiety. This disorder may be simply passed down from generation to generation but some are most likely to be exposed to it with the right trigger. Due to medications being given by doctors to help yourself and the problems you may have, the misuse of medication, side effects or taking them only when necessary could have a huge toll on your body and very rarely, depending on the medication, cause anxiety. As stated before in the last paragraph, a chemical imbalance and the withdrawal of drugs or alcohol can cause anxiety as well.

Moving onto the different types of depression, there are various amounts of names diagnosed to different people, but only some will be addressed. Major depressive disorder, well known as clinical depression, is often diagnosed when people are feeling depressed most of the time, have lack of concentration, thinking about death or possibly even suicide, lack of appetite or too much appetite, no energy, or when your routine in sleeping has changed drastically. Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that affects either your emotions or body, physically. Some symptoms may include insomnia, body aches or pain, anxiety, unable to keep organized or make decisions, and even feeling incompetent. This disorder has a higher risk of suicidal thoughts and suicide. Seasonal affective disorder usually only occurs when the weather changes in a certain season. While the weather makes its changes, people experience changes too, in weight, sleep and emotion. This is caused because there is a disruption in the normal circadian rhythm that occurs in your body. Depending on the amount of light that is able to enter the eye, this is known to impact the pattern in the body. There are several more undiscussed types of depression, these are the most common.

Anxiety also has various names and different types of ways on how it appears. Generalized anxiety disorder is diagnosed when a person is feeling anxious over many things or for no reason, more than five to six days of the week, for over six months. People are usually worried about school, work, family or friends but GAD disturbs how people act and think about everything. A lot of people who are affected by this, worry more about things than necessary. For example, some may see washing the dishes as an easy task, but it is much more stressful and harder to perform when you have generalized anxiety disorder because it begins to consume your brain and body with anxiousness and an uneasy feeling. Social Anxiety is another familiar type that makes many panic when thinking about humiliation, being talked about, speaking out loud to one or many people, and can prevent others from being out in public most of the time. For some, getting out of bed and going out during the day is a huge accomplishment due to how inferior the anxiety gets. Although many people may get nervous when speaking in front of others, this can keep them remaining at home more days than being out accomplishing everyday responsibilities. Panic disorder is very different and more extreme than most of the different types of anxiety. A person who encounters this, are unable to control this feeling which could lead to bad chest pains, muscle tensions, shaking, weakness, headaches, and shortness of breath. This is often compared to a feeling of a heart attack or as if they are about to die.

Let’s continue on with the one huge affect that depression and anxiety can bring, which is suicidal thoughts and suicide. There are several symptoms leading up to risks of suicide. When a person is at risk of suicide, they often push everyone out of their lives or lose their relationships with others, has been abused mentally physically or emotionally, suffering or suffered with bullying, if you have been having suicidal thoughts or know of someone who has committed suicide, or the use of drugs and large amounts of alcohol.

Suicidal thoughts are often used in this generation as a joke, but some do not know what others around them are capable of doing or think it won’t have any effect on anyone else. When people speak about their thoughts of suicide or thinks about ways to do it openly, never brush it off. Often many who think about suicide, divide themselves from everyone and wants to be left alone. Turning to alcohol or drugs to make themselves feel better or feel nothing, can have many impressions of attempting suicide once they are no longer using such things, as well as buying items to prepare for death.

If you or anyone witness or are a victim someone who has attempted the following in the paragraph above, there are many ways to help prevent something like this from transpiring. Over 800,000 people a year die a year from suicide and over 1,000,000 attempt suicide worldwide. To prevent such from happening, there are many precautions you can take. Removing all guns, pills, drugs or any item that can be used to harm yourself should be removed immediately. There are a number of online chats or phone numbers you can use to reach out to others for help, this includes allowing them to help you and listening to what they’re saying to use in the future.

Although there are many reasons that these two things can occur, there are several ways to help treat it. Starting off with the most common and helpful, therapy. Therapy can be used in two ways, either physically or mentally. Physical therapy is used to help treat injuries and get you back on your feet to be physically healthy as for mental therapy is for thoughts, feelings and helps to treat mental health disorders. While attending these appointments, people are able to master mechanisms to guide yourself into the right direction of getting healthier. All of the mechanisms they teach you work differently for different people. For example, for calming an anxiety attack, someone may think about car rides, feeling the breeze, the music, the sound of the car, staring at the moon as for someone else may.

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