Anxiety and Depression

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Anxiety and depression are both very big topics that are within psychological disorders. There are some opinions saying that they should not be considered a psychological disorder, but that's not what this is about. Anxiety and depression takes place in many people's lives. It affects different people in different ways, but still all come back to general anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression are both disorders than have been taken to even very young children. The general age group average is from adolescence to middle age adults. Women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with both anxiety and depression compared to men. Anxiety is the feeling and behavior of worryness and fear strong enough to interfere with a person's daily life. Depression is a disorder that is both very serious and very common. It negatively affects individuals, causing them to feel extreme sadness and loss of interest in doing something once before enjoyed. Both anxiety and depression have different variations, are common and serious, and also correlate to each other heavily. The only positive side to them are that they are treatable through different ways.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are both very common and serious disorders. They affect a wide variety of people in a variety of ways. These disorders have the power to affect a diagnosed individuals daily life (Chen 5). It overwhelms the individual with feelings of sadness and worryness also leading to demoralized attidudes. Anxiety and depression both heavily correlate to each other, people who are diagnosed with anxiety or depression will most likely be diagnosed with both disorders. These disorders usually take place in people who are of adolescence and middle aged, but can also be a part of young children's lives. Thankfully, both of these disorders can be treated. There are various ways to treating these, some easier and less complicated than others. Even saying so, certain stages of these disorders are curable but it takes a lot of effort.

If a person were to be diagnosed with anxiety they would most likely also be diagnosed with depression. It also works the other way around. Anxiety is the overwhelming feeling of worryness and nervousness in the thought of an questionable outcome. Depression is the overwhelming feeling of sadness which can lead to heavy demoralization. Thoughts of doubt and nervous behavior are the drives of these disorders and the reason why they are paired together very oftenly. There are general anxiety and depression, but that is just the disorder at 1st base. There are very high occurrences of social anxiety and major depression disorders. These are very common and are looked at as high developed stages of anxiety and depression. Major depressive disorder is depression on a different scale. It causes severe loss in interest of doing things once enjoyed by the individual, suicidal thoughts, weight gain or loss, heavy feeling of being tired and having no energy, and also can affect people's sleep. If this goes on for more than two years it will be looked at as persistent depressive disorder. Social anxiety is anxiety, but impacting more heavily while in crowds and surrounded by strangers or even regular people in your daily life.

The disorders explained above have the ability and power to take control of people's lives. Both anxiety and depression at any level of severity can be able to disrupt one's personal life and activities. It can fill their life with doubt and they will be stuck in a state with no confidence. Anxiety can make people uneasy about certain situations and cause them to overthink. This leaves them with no solution and no way of proving anything without action. Depression at any level will be able to fill anyone's life with sadness. Crippling anxiety and depression are so severe that it makes it hard for a person to do basic things and make it unable for them to work or even live their lives. "Major depression affect 3 to 5 percent of children and adolescence(Bhatia 1). Common age groups are within the adolescence and middle aged group, yet they are still able to reside in the very young and the elderly. Surprisingly women are more likely to have anxiety and depression. One main reason would be because of a social standard set for women and how they perceive other want in a woman. Any slight difference can get to a person's head in an instant. Just like people who are obese and/or have diabetes (Iversen), they stand out and end up getting social anxiety due to them overthinking of people judging them. The society is really what starts up a lot of the population of anxiety and depression because of how we see each other and ourselves and how one wants to be seen as a person. Thankfully, both disorders have ways that we use to treat them. These treatments can vary from short-term to long-term.

Anxiety and depression are both very common yet serious disorders. It goes against hope in people's conscious. It infects their minds with feelings of worry, sadness, loneliness, and nervousness. Although it is such a big rising disorder which claims many lives, it is treatable. There are various ways in treating anxiety and depression. One well-known one would be antidepressant medication. Another which works in wonders and helps long-term would be therapy. A percentage of people who have anxiety attacks or suffer from severe depression go and meet a contemporary and alternative therapists. Many who do meet with a therapist have been able to fight off the harsh feelings of anxiety and depression (Kessler 1). Antidepressants seem to work short term and long term, but they are medications and may have side effect with extended use. On the other hand, therapists know how to treat patients with anxiety and severe depression in ways that medication may not be able to surpass. They do not affect a person's physical health, instead they help them mentally stabilize themselves. The bad case about anxiety and depression that is making it such a big issue, is that people are unable to confess to their doctors and are unwilling to seek help. There will always big a battle, but we are advancing and will come to a full solution.

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